This web page, an aid to travel and vacation planning
within Cape Breton Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia,
supports and augments the
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia guidebook.

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Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Tourism & Orientation Web Sites

Map of Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Cape Breton Island Tourism
Cape Breton Naturalists Society
Cape Breton Regional Municipality Information
Marine Atlantic Ferry Information  (North Sydney - Newfoundland)
Marconi Scenic Drive
Bras d'Or Lakes Scenic Drive
City of Sydney  &  Street Map
Town of Louisbourg

Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Locator Maps for Birding Sites & Routes
A) -  Sydney Harbour to Glace Bay
A1 Sydney Harbour circumnavigation, including:
Junction of Main St. & Route 305
Bridge over Big Pond  &  Aerial view of Big Pond
Fraser Street harbour over-look
Site A2 (see below)
Site A3 (see below)
Smeltbrook Pond
Marina at Allen Point
Maloney Creek estuary
Mouth of Leitches Creek
Mouth of Balls Creek
Junction of Route 305 & Route 239
Junction of Frenchvale Road & Beechmont Road
Site A4 (see below)
Site A5 (see below)
Site A6 (see below)
Low Point (south entrance to Sydney Harbour)
Provisional Sydney Harbour Species' List  (PDF file)
A2 Indian Head Beach (Northwest Bar), Sydney Harbour
A3 Newfoundland Ferry Terminal
Provisional Cabot Strait Species' List  (PDF file)
A4 Petersfield Provincial Park (entrance)
A5 Wentworth Park, Sydney
A6 South Bar, Sydney Harbour  &  Aerial view of South Bar
A7 Cow Bay Road Trail Trail Map & Description
A8 Sydney Airport (entrance off Hwy 4)
A9 Dominion Beach Provincial Park (entrance)  &  Aerial view of Lingan Bay
B) -  Marconi Trail (Glace Bay to Louisbourg)
B1 Glace Bay, including:
Glace Bay Harbour  (east end of Bell Street)
Beacon Street Reservoir
corner of Brookside and South
Cape Breton (Glace Bay) Miners’ Museum
Big Glace Bay Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary: western overlook, eastern access, Aerial View
B2 Schooner Pond & Cape Percé (Northern Head), including:
parking area, and Aerial View
B3 Morien Bay (Aerial view), including:
 Morien Bar (Port Morien Beach) (west access)  &  Aerial view
Black Brook Cemetery
Bridge over Homeville "River" to South Head
Birch Grove owling route:
junction of Birch Grove Road and Route 255 (in Port Morien)
junction of Birch Grove Road and Broughton Road (in Birch Grove)
junction of Broughton Road & Homeville Milton Road (in Broughton)
junction of Homeville Milton Road and Route 255 (in Homeville)
B4 Mira Bay (Aerial view), including:
Long Pond and MacVicar’s Pond
Mira Gut
Catalone Beach
B5 Scaterie Island -- Northwest Cove, & Aerial View
B6 Lorraine (Main-à-Dieu) Road, west to east, including:
path to Wild Cove
trail to Gooseberry Cove
Little Lorraine Harbour
Baleine Harbour
B7 Louisbourg, including:
Lighthouse Point
Louisbourg Harbour -- wharf (and Aerial View)
Fortress of Louisbourg
Kennington Cove
Provisional Louisbourg Area Species' List  (PDF file)
B8 Gabarus, including:
Levers Beach
Harbour Point
Rouse Point
Aerial view of Harbour Point and Rouse Point in Gabarus
Gabarus Trail Head & Harris Lake  &  Trail Map  &  Description
Junction of Route 327 and Belfry Lake Road leading to Belfry Head
C) - Inland CBRM
C1  Grand Narrows/Boisdale Hills loop (Aerial view), including:
Exit 3 of Hwy 105 (junction with Route 223 - Grand Narrows Highway)
Barachois Provincial Park
Christmas Pond
Eskasoni Road: western junction with Route 223  &  eastern junction with Route 216
Junction of Route 223 and Route 216
Junction of Route 216 and Hwy 4
Provisional loop Species' List  (PDF file)
C2 Ben Eoin Provincial Park  &  Trail Map and Description
C3  Mira River loop, including:
Junction of Hwy 22 and the Hillside Mira Road
Site C4 (see below)
Intervale Road  -- north terminus & south terminus
Salmon River Road  -- junction with Grand Mira North Road  &  western terminus at Enon
Victoria Bridge
Junction of Hwy 22 and Trout Brook Road
C4 Two Rivers Wildlife Park Trail  &  Trail Map  &  Description
C5 Mira River Provincial Park (entrance) & Aerial View
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Weather & Tides Web Sites
Sydney inland weather forecast
Forchu Head inland weather forecast  (south of Gabarus)
Cabot Strait marine weather forecast
Forchu marine weather forecast
North Sydney tide time  &  locator map
Sydney tide time  &  locator map
Glace Bay tide time  &  locator map
Louisbourg Harbour tide time  &  locator map
Gabarus Cove tide time  &  locator map
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Trails Web Sites
Gabarus / Gull Cove -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Two Rivers -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Ben Eoin -- Locator MapTrail Map and Description
Cow Bay Road -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Parks & Protected Areas Web Sites
Mira River Provincial ParkDownloadable Brochure (pdf)  &  Locator Map
Middle River-Framboise Wilderness Area
Gabarus Wilderness Area
 Scatarie Island Wilderness Area
Portnova Islands Important Bird Area  Locator Map
Northern Head & South Head Important Bird Area 
&  Locator Maps for Northern Head  &  South Head
Scatarie Island Important Bird Area
Harbour Rock Important Bird Area  &  Locator Map
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Cultural Heritage Attraction Web Sites
City of Sydney
Cossit House Provincial Museum
Jost House
St. Patrick's Church Museum
University College of Cape Breton Art Gallery
Whitney Pier Historical Society Museum
Town of Glace Bay
Marconi National Historic Site
Cape Breton Miners' Museum
Glace Bay Heritage Museum
Town of Louisbourg
Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
Sydney & Louisburg Railway Museum
Fortress Louisbourg Association
Elsewhere in CBRM
Celtic Colours International Music Festival  (October, island-wide)
Dominion Heritage Schoolhouse Museum  (village of Dominion)
Fort Petrie Military Museum (village of New Victoria)
Main-à-Dieu Fishermen's Museum (village of Main-à-Dieu)
North Sydney Heritage Museum (town of North Sydney)
Tompkins Museum (village of Reserve Mines)
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Lighthouse Web Sites
St. Ann's Bay to Mira Bay
Ciboux Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Point Aconi Lighthouse  &  locator map
Black Rock Point Lighthouse  &  locator map
Carey Point Range Lights  &  locator map
Great Bras d'Or Range Lights  &  locator map
MacNeil Beach Lighthouse  &  locator map  [former -- no longer standing]
Low Point Lighthouse  &  locator map
Sydney Bar Lighthouse  &  locator map
Sydney Range Lights  &  locator map
Glace Bay North Breakwater Lighthouse  &  locator map  [former -- no longer standing]
Flint Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Scatarie Island to Gabarus Bay
Scatarie Lighthouse  &  locator map
Main-à-Dieu Lighthouse  &  locator map
Louisbourg Lighthouse  &  locator map
Gabarus Lighthouse  &  locator map
Rouse Point Lighthouse  &  locator map
Guyon Island Lighthouse  &  locator map

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