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This Page is the Gateway to two separate sites.

1) - A Repository of Birding Trip Reports
    and Planning Resources for North & South America

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2) - The "Birding Sites of Nova Scotia"
  Useful, relevant web resources to augment the Guidebook.
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Most birders enjoy traveling to see birds, and accurate information can improve one's journey. Despite the increasing number of published Birders' Guides now available, most areas in North and South America (the "New World") are not yet adequately covered. 
And even where such books are available, a well-prepared trip report can augment such sources.  This site is a repository wherein people share their birding trip experiences.  In addition, other bird-related trip planning information is included for many areas.

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Cuban Tody, photo © Blake Maybank             -             Cuban Tody, photo © Blake Maybank

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