This web page, an aid to travel and vacation planning
within Pictou County in Nova Scotia,
supports and augments the
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia guidebook.

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Pictou County
Tourism & Orientation Web Sites

Map of Pictou County 
&  Map showing Birding Sites
Pictou County Tourism
Sunrise Trail Scenic Route Information
Eastern Mainland Field Naturalists
Pictou Island Information  &  Ferry Information
Northumberland Strait Ferry Information (PEI - Nova Scotia)
Town of Pictou
Town of New Glasgow
Town of Stellarton
Town of Trenton & Map

Pictou County
Locator Maps for Birding Sites & Routes
A) Rushton’s Beach Provincial Park
B) Cape Johnjunction of Cape John Road & Hwy 6  & Aerial View
C) Salt Springs Provincial Park
D) Waterside Provincial Park, Caribou Island & Aerial View (most in high detail)
Provisional Caribou Island Species' List  (PDF file)
E) Pictou Causeway, including:
Center of Causeway  &  Aerial View
"Town Gut" (mouth of Haliburton Creek) & Aerial View
Provisional Pictou Harbour Species' List  (PDF file)
F) Jitney Trail, Town of Pictou -- eastern trailhead  &  western trailhead
  Trail Map, Description, & Detailed Information
Provisional Pictou Harbour Species' List  (PDF file)
G) Caribou/Monroe’s Island Provincial Park -- entrance  &  Aerial View
 Trails Map, Description, & Detailed Information
H) Trenton Power Plant
Provisional Pictou Harbour Species' List  (PDF file)
I) New Glasgow Sewage Lagoons
J) Route 374, including:
Exit 24 of Hwy 104 (in Stellarton)
Route 374 at Guysborough County Line (at Trafalgar)
K) Powell’s Point Provincial Park
L) Melmerby Beach Provincial Park
M) Big Merigomish Island, including:
Junction of Route 245 & Big Island Road
West end of Big Island Road
Aerial View
Provisional Big Merigomish Island Species' List  (PDF file)
N) Pictou Island, including:
Caribou ferry dock
Pictou Island ferry dock
Pictou Island Information
Aerial View
Pictou County
Weather & Tides Web Sites
New Glasgow inland weather forecast
Caribou Point inland weather forecast
Northumberland Strait marine weather forecast
Merigomish Harbour  &  locator map
 Pictou Island  &  locator map
Pictou Harbour  &  locator map
Caribou Harbour  &  locator map
Skinner's Cove  &  locator map
Pictou County
Trails Web Sites
Jitney Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map,  Description, & Detailed Information
 Monroe's Island Trail -- Locator Map,  Trails Map, Description, & Detailed Information
Pictou County
Parks & Protected Areas Web Sites
Eigg Mountain-James River Wilderness Area  (established March 2005)
Caribou/Monroe's Island Provincial Park
Melmerby Beach Provincial Park
Salt Springs Provincial Park
Pictou County
Cultural Heritage Attraction Web Sites
Northumberland Fisheries Museum  (Town of Pictou)
Carmichael-Stewart House Museum  (Town of New Glascow)
McCulloch House  (Town of Pictou)
Nova Scotia Museum of Industry (Stellarton)
New Glascow Riverfront Music Jubilee
Pictou County
Lighthouse Web Sites
Northumberland Shore
Caribou Lighthouse  &  locator map
Pictou Bar Lighthouse  &  locator map
Pictou Harbour Range Lights  &  locator map
Pictou Island East Lighthouse  &  locator map [former, no longer standing]
Pictou Island South Lighthouse  &  locator map
Pictou Island West Lighthouse  &  locator map [former, no longer standing]
Trenton (East River) Range Lights  &  locator map
Pictou County
Author's Recommendations

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