This web page, an aid to travel and vacation planning
within Yarmouth County in Nova Scotia,
supports and augments the
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia guidebook.

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Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Tourism & Orientation Web Sites

Map of Yarmouth County  &  Map showing Birding Sites
Yarmouth County Information
Southwestern Nova Scotia Tourism
Evangeline Trail  (Scenic Drive)
Lighthouse Route  (Scenic Drive)
Town of Yarmouth  &  Street Map
Ferry Information ("The Cat")  --  between Yarmouth and Bar Harbor, Maine
Ferry Information ("Scotia Prince")  --  between Yarmouth and Portland, Maine  [temporarily discontinued]
"The Pubnicos"
Chebogue Point
The Tusket Islands
Communities of Yarmouth County  --  Web Site Index
Map of Seal Island  &  Seal Island Sailing Directions
Ted D'Eon's Yarmouth Science Pages  (Roseate Tern, Atlantic Puffin, etc)

Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Locator Maps for Birding Sites & Routes
A) West Coast Yarmouth County (north to south)
(detailed map in guide book)
A1 Port Maitland Beach Provincial Park  &  Aerial View
    A2 Goose Flats / Pembroke Cove  &  Aerial View
    A3 Pembroke Beach / Chegoggin Point  &  Aerial View
    A4 Cape Forchu / Yarmouth Bar  &  Aerial View
B) - Town of Yarmouth (detailed map in guide book)
Viewpoint over lakes' outflow into Inner Yarmouth Harbour
Aerial Views of: Inner Yarmouth Harbour + Lake Milo & Doctors Lake
C) - South Coast Yarmouth County (west to east)
C1  Chebogue Point (including Kelley’s Cove)
    C2  Utkubok Trail (Arcadia Consolidated School)  &  Trail Map  &  Description
    C3  Melbourne Road, including:
Junction of Rte 334 & Melbourne Road
Junction of Melbourne Road & Beveridge Road
 Melbourne Lake Game Sanctuary  &  Aerial View
Junction of Melbourne Road & William Allen Road
Cooks Beach
 Pinkney’s PointAerial View
    C4  Wedgeport Nature Trail  &  Trail Map  &  Description  &  Aerial View
    C5  Glenwood Provincial Picnic Park / Goose Creek Marsh, including:
Exit 32A of Hwy 103 (Roberts Island)
Glenwood Provincial Park
Junction of Hwy 3 & Roberts Island Road
Goose Creek Marsh parking lot
Aerial View of the marsh
Goose Creek Marsh Provisional Species' List  (PDF file)
    C6  The Pubnicos (Rte 335), including:
Junction of Rte 335 & Pond Street (Lower West Pubnico)
North Brother  &  South Brother  &  Aerial View
Annual Roseate Tern Reports
West Pubnico Coastal Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Pubnico Point
Aerial View of Pubnico Peninsula
The Pubnicos Provisional Species' List  (PDF file)
D) Interior Yarmouth County
D1 Chebogue River Meadows Trail
    D2 Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park  &  Trail Map  &  Description
    D3  The Ohio Road, including:
Junction of Hwy 3 & Rte 340 (in Hebron)  (or take Exit 34 of Hwy 101 and to NE on Rte 340)
Junction of Rte 340 & Rte 203 (in Carleton)
Yarmouth / Shelburne County line
(For details on the eastern half of Ohio Road see Shelburne County)
E) Offshore Yarmouth County
E1 Pelagic Birding from Ferries
Ferry Information ("The Cat")  --  between Yarmouth and Bar Harbor, Maine
Ferry Information ("Scotia Prince")  --  between Yarmouth and Portland, Maine  [temporarily discontinued]
    E2 The Outer Tuskets (Seal Is., etc), including:
Seal Island
Aerial View of Outer Tuskets, Seal Island, & Round, Flat, Mud, & Noddy Islands
Outer Tuskets Provisional Species' List  (PDF file)
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Weather & Tides Web Sites
Town of Yarmouth inland weather forecast
Lurcher marine weather forecast
South Western Shore marine weather forecast
Port Maitland tide times  &  locator map 
 Yarmouth tide times  &  locator map 
 Bunker Island Wharf tide times  &  locator map 
Sand Beach (Yarmouth Harbour) tide times  &  locator map
Kelleys Cove (Chebogue Point) tide times  &  locator map
 Pinkneys Point tide times  &  locator map 
 Tusket tide times   &  locator map
 Abrams River (Ste Anne du Ruisseau)  tide times  &  locator map
 Wedgeport tide times  &  locator map  
 Lower Wedgeport tide times  &  locator map
 Abbotts Harbour (Pubnico Peninsula) tide times  &  locator map  
 Lower East Pubnico tide times  &  locator map
 Seal Island tide times  &  locator map  
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Trails Web Sites
Site C2 - Utkubok Trail (Arcadia Consolidated School) Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Site C4 - Wedgeport Nature Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Site D2 - Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
West Pubnico Coastal Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Parks & Protected Areas Web Sites
Atlantic Bird Observatory - Seal Island  &  Volunteer Info
Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park
Tusket River Nature Reserve
Spinneys Heath Nature Reserve
Great Barren & Quinan Lakes Nature Reserve
Tobeatic Wilderness Protected Area
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Cultural Heritage Attraction Web Sites
Town of Yarmouth
Yarmouth County Museum & Archives
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Firefighters' Museum
Pelton-Fuller House Museum
Killam Brothers' Shipping Office Museum
Ste. Anne Church & Commemorative Chapel
Th'Yarc Theatre
Elsewhere in Yarmouth County
Tern Festival  (Village of West Pubnico)
Musée Acadien et Archives  –  Acadian Museum & Archives  (Village of West Pubnico)
Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse  (Village of West Pubnico)
(Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia)
Argyle Township Court House & Archives  (Community of Tusket Village)
Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum (Village of Wedgeport)
History of Outer Baldonia (Outer Bald Tusket Island)  (now owned by the N.S. Bird Society)
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Lighthouse Web Sites
Gulf of Maine Shore (NW to SE)
Cape Forchu Lighthouse  &  locator map
Bunker Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Green Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Candlebox Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Pease Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Tusket River Lighthouse  &  locator map
 Whitehead Island Lighthouse  locator map
 Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse  &  locator map
 Pubnico Harbour Lighthouse  &  locator map
Seal Island Lighthouse  &  locator map  [N 43°23'41", W 66° 0' 52.2"]
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Author's Recommendations
The Austrian Inn Restaurant  (Hwy #1, 2 km north of Yarmouth)
Recipe for Le Pâté à la Râpure / Rappie Pie

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