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15 - 19 November 1999

by Rick Waldrop

This is a brief report on a recent birding trip of four days (November 15-19, 1999) to the Dominican Republic. We concentrated our efforts entirely in the southwest region of the country in the areas around Barahona, mostly in the Sierra de Baoruco National Park. We initially rented a Fiat Punto ($38.00 a day) through Thrifty Car Rental at the Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo but, after two breakdowns, switched over to a four-wheel drive Daihatsu Terios ($58.00 a day) from Tavarez Leasing also at the airport. We stayed at lower and mid-range hotels (from $6.00 to $18 a night) and tried to have one substantial meal a day, usually dinner.

Most of our time was spent in the Sierra de Baoruco National Park, accessed from the town of Duverge, west of Barahona. From Duverge, the road ascends into an arid area around the town of Puerto Escondido, where the official entrance to the park is located. From Puerto Escondido the road continues up through arid and then temperate forest to the army outpost of El Aguacate (on the Haitan border). Above El Aguacate the road continues through secondary growth and then into the mountain forest at approx. 5,000 ft elevation. We also did additional, but limited, birding around Lake Enriquillo, west of Duverge, and saw the Asy-faced Owl near Barahona. What follows is an annotated species list for the trip. It should also be noted that most of our birding time was focused on finding endemics.


* denotes endemic species
Magnificent Frigatebird -
Green Heron -
Cattle Egret -
Common Egret -
American Flamingo  at Lake Enriquillo near Baitoa
Red-tailed Hawk -
Osprey -
American Kestrel -
Common Guinea Fowl -
Common Gallinule -
Black-necked Stilt -
Laughing Gull -
Least Tern -
Scaly-naped Pigeon -
Morning Dove -
Zenaida Dove -
Common Ground-Dove -
Gray-headed Quail-Dove  heard only
*Hispaniolan Parrot  seen at higher elevations in park
*Hispaniolan Parakeet  seen at higher elevations in park
*Hispaniolan Lizard-Cuckoo  widespread
Smooth-billed Ani -
*Ashy-faced Owl  seen at a well-known location near Barahona
Burrowing Owl -
Greater Antillean Nightjar  heard and seen above Puerto Escondido
*Least Poorwill  heard and seen below Puerto Escondido
Antillean Palm Swift -
*Hispaniolan Emerald  seen above El Aguacate
Antillean Mango -
Vervain Hummingbird -
*Hispaniolan Trogon  heard and seen above Puerto Escondido
Belted Kingfisher -
*Narrow-billed Tody  above El Aguacate
*Broad-billed Tody  lower elevations
*Antillean Piculet  above El Aguacate
*Hispaniolan Woodpecker  widespread
Gray Kingbird -
Loggerhead Kingbird -
Stolid Flycatcher -
*Hispaniolan Pewee  above El Aguacate
Greater Antillean Elaenia  above El Aguacate
Golden Swallow  over pines above El Aguacate
*White-necked Crow  near La Descubierta
*Hispaniolan Palm Crow  on road near Baitoa
Northern Mockingbird -
*La Selle Thrush  in "cloud" forest above El Aguacate
Red-legged Thrush -
Rufous-Throated Solitaire  in forest above El Aguacate
*Palm Chat  widespread
*Flat-billed Vireo  arid habitat at lower elevations
Bananquit -
Blue-winged Warbler -
Black-throated Green Warbler -
Black-and-white Warbler -
Northern Parula Warbler -
Cape May Warbler -
Black-throated Blue Warbler -
Yellow-throated warbler -
Prairie Warbler -
Palm Warbler
American Redstart -
Ovenbird -
*Green-tailed Ground-Warbler  in forest above El Aguacate
*White-winged Warbler  in forest above El Aguacate
Black-cowled Oriole -
Antillean Euphonia  in second growth above El Aguacate
*Hispaniolan Stripe-headed Tanager  above El Aguacate
*Black-crowned Palm-Tanager  widespread
*Chat Tanager  in "cloud" forest above El Aguacate
*Antillean Siskin  in second growth above El Aguacate
Greater Antillean Bullfinch  widespread
Yellow-faced Grassquit -
Nutmeg Mannikin -
House Sparrow -

We missed the following endemics: Bay-breasted Cuckoo, Ridgway's Hawk, and Gray-crowned Palm-Tanager.

If anyone would like more specific information, please let me know.

Rick Waldrop
Cleveland, TN

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