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8 - 22 July 2000

by Brad Bergstrom

Total # species = 354, including 7 "heard only" (name in parens.)

Extended Stays:
   LA= La Selva Biol. Station; 3 days
   SV= Savegre Mtn. Lodge; 2 days
   TR= Tarcol Lodge, mangroves, Tarcoles River & Carara Biol. Reserve; 3 d
   MR= Marenco Biol. Sta. and Corcovado NP (San Pedrillo area); 3 days

Brief Stops:
   G= El Gavilan lodge (near LA, above); 1/2 day
   S= Sierpe, including river, rice fields & Ecomanglares Lodge; 1/2 day
   C= near Cerro la Muerte (high point on Pan American Hwy.); 1 hr.
   N= Pacific coastal hwy. NW of Palmar Norte; 1 hr.
   I= San Isidro/ El General Valley; 1/2 day
   P= between Paso Real & Buenos Aires, Pan American Hwy; 1 hr.
   D= Dominical-San Isidro Hwy., mtn. pass, roadside shrine; 1 hr.
   J= San Jose; 2 hrs.

  Great Tinamou                                   LA,(TR)
  Little Tinamou                                  MR,(LA)

  Brown Booby                                     MR
  Magnificent Frigatebird                         MR,TR
  Brown Pelican                                   MR,TR
  Neotropic (Olivaceous) Cormorant                LA,S,MR,TR
  Anhinga                                         LA,S,MR,TR

  Great Blue Heron                                near LA
  Boat-billed Heron                               MR,TR
  Bare-throated Tiger-heron                       MR,TR
  Cattle Egret                                    widespread
  Great Egret                                     LA,S,MR,TR
  Snowy Egret                                     S,TR
  Little Blue Heron                               LA,S,MR,TR
  Yellow-crowned Night-Heron                      TR
  Green Heron                                     LA,S,MR,TR

  White Ibis                                      MR,TR
  Roseate Spoonbill                               TR

  Wood Stork                                      S,TR

  Black Vulture                                   widespread
  Turkey Vulture                                  widespread
  King Vulture                                    TR

  Black-bellied Whistling Duck                    S,MR,TR,I,N

  Osprey                                          TR
  Swallow-tailed Kite                             I
  White-tailed Kite                               P,J
  Plumbeous Kite                                  TR
  Grey-headed Kite                                LA
  Pearl Kite                                      I
  Mangrove (Common) Black-Hawk                    TR
  Great Black-Hawk                                S
  White Hawk                                      MA
  Semiplumbeous Hawk                              LA
  Roadside Hawk                                   LA,S,N,I
  Red-tailed Hawk                                 SV
  Zone-tailed Hawk                                TR
  Gray Hawk                                       TR
  Laughing Falcon                                 MR,N,(TR)
  (Collared Forest Falcon)                        (TR)
  Yellow-headed Caracara                          S,MR,TR
  Crested Caracara                                S,TR

  Great Currasow                                  LA,MR
  Gray-headed Chachalaca                          LA,P
  Crested Guan                                    LA
  Spotted Wood-Quail                              SV
  Gray-necked Wood-Rail                           MR,N
  White-throated Crake                            LA,N
  Purple Gallinule                                S,MR,(TR)

  Northern Jacana                                 S,TR
  Black-bellied Plover                            S,TR
  Collared Plover                                 S,TR
  Wilson's Plover                                 TR
  Semipalmated Plover                             S,TR
  Wandering Tattler                               MR
  Least Sandpiper                                 TR
  Pectoral Sandpiper                              S
  Semipalmated Sandpiper                          TR
  Spotted Sandpiper                               MR,TR
  Western Sandpiper                               TR
  Short-billed Dowitcher                          TR
  Willet                                          S,TR
  Whimbrel                                        TR
  Ruddy Turnstone                                 TR
  Laughing Gull                                   MR,TR
  Gull-billed Tern                                TR
  Royal Tern                                      TR
  Sooty Tern                                      MR

  Band-tailed Pigeon                              SV
  Red-billed Pigeon                               LA,MR,TR
  Short-billed Pigeon                             LA,MR,TR
  Pale-vented Pigeon                              LA,G,MR
  Ruddy Pigeon                                    SV
  Ruddy Ground-Dove                               widespread
  Blue Ground-Dove                                LA,S,I,N,TR
  White-tipped Dove                               S,MR,I,TR
  Inca Dove                                       S,MR,I,TR,J
  Gray-chested Dove                               LA,G,TR
  (Ruddy Quail-Dove)                              (TR)
  Olive-backed Quail-Dove                         LA
  Rock Dove                                       J

  Yellow-naped Parrot                             TR
  Brown-hooded Parrot                             LA
  White-fronted Parrot                            TR
  White-crowned Parrot                            TR,LA
  Red-lored Parrot                                TR,LA
  Mealy Parrot                                    MR,LA,TR
  Scarlet Macaw                                   MR,TR
  Crimson-fronted Parakeet                        J
  Orange-chinned Parakeet                         LA,S,MR,TR,I
  (Barred Parakeet)                               (SV)

  Squirrel Cuckoo                                 LA,S,MR,TR,N,I,J
  Smooth-billed Ani                               S
  Groove-billed Ani                               LA,TR

  (Barn Owl)                                      (LA)
  Ferruginous Pygmy Owl                           TR
  Vermiculated Screech-Owl                        LA
  Crested Owl                                     LA
  Black-and-white Owl                             TR
  Striped Owl                                     TR

  Common Potoo                                    LA
  Great Potoo                                     LA
  Lesser Nighthawk                                TR
  Common Pauraque                                 S,MR,TR
  White-tailed Nightjar                           TR

Apodiformes, Apodidae
  White-collared Swift                            TR
  Band-rumped Swift                               MR,TR,I
  Gray-rumped Swift                               LA
  Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift                     LA

Apodiformes, Trochilidae
  Little Hermit                                   LA,MR
  Long-tailed Hermit                              LA,MR,TR
  Rufous-tailed Hummingbird                       widespread
  Blue-chested Hummingbird                        LA
  Scaly-breasted Hummingbird                      I,TR
  Blue-throated Goldentail                        TR
  Mangrove Hummingbird                            TR
  Magnificent Hummingbird                         SV
  Crowned Woodnymph                               LA
  Purple-crowned Fairy                            LA,TR
  Red-footed Plumeleteer                          LA
  White-throated (=Gray-tailed) Mountain-gem      SV
  Fiery-throated Hummingbird                      C
  Scintillant Hummingbird                         SV
  Volcano Hummingbird                             SV
  Green Violetear                                 SV
  White-necked Jacobin                            MR
  Violet-headed Hummingbird                       LA
  Long-billed Starthroat                          LA,I

  Black-headed Trogon                             TR
  Black-throated Trogon                           LA,MR,TR
  Collared Trogon                                 SV
  Slaty-tailed Trogon                             LA,TR
  Baird's Trogon                                  MR,TR
  Violaceous Trogon                               MR,TR
  Resplendent Quetzal                             SV

Coraciiformes, Alcedinidae
  American Pygmy Kingfisher                       TR
  Green Kingfisher                                MR,TR
  Ringed Kingfisher                               S,MR,TR
  Amazon Kingfisher                               S,MR,TR

Coraciiformes, Momotidae
  Blue-crowned Motmot                             TR,I
  Turquoise-browed Motmot                         TR
  Rufous Motmot                                   LA
  Broad-billed Motmot                             LA

Piciformes, Galbulidae + Bucconidae
  Rufous-tailed Jacamar                           LA,(TR)
  White-necked Puffbird                           LA
  White-whiskered Puffbird                        TR

Piciformes, Ramphastidae
  Collared Aracari                                LA
  Fiery-billed Aracari                            MR,TR
  Chestnut-mandibled Toucan                       LA,MR,TR,I
  Keel-billed Toucan                              LA

Piciformes, Picidae
  Acorn Woodpecker                                SV
  Lineated Woodpecker                             I,TR
  Pale-billed Woodpecker                          LA,TR
  Black-cheeked Woodpecker                        LA
  Chestnut-colored Woodpecker                     LA
  Rufous-winged Woodpecker                        LA
  Smoky-brown Woodpecker                          LA
  Hoffmann's Woodpecker                           TR
  Golden-naped Woodpecker                         TR
  Red-crowned Woodpecker                          S,MR,P,TR
  Hairy Woodpecker                                SV

  Tawny-winged Woodcreeper                        TR
  Streak-headed Woodcreeper                       LA,TR,MR
  Spotted-crowned Woodcreeper                     SV,P,I
  Cocoa (=Buff-throated) Woodcreeper              LA,TR
  Wedge-billed Woodcreeper                        LA,MR,TR
  Northern Barred Woodcreeper                     LA,TR
  Long-tailed Woodcreeper                         S
  (Black-striped Woodcreeper)                     (LA)

  Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner                   LA
  Lineated Foliage-gleaner                        SV
  Slaty Spinetail                                 LA,MR
  Ruddy Treerunner                                SV
  Streaked-breasted Treehunter                    SV
  Buffy Tuftedcheek                               SV,MR
  Plain Xenops                                    SV,MR,TR

  Black-faced Antthrush                           MR,TR
  Barred Antshrike                                LA,TR
  Fasciated Antshrike                             LA
  Great Antshrike                                 LA
  Black-hooded Antshrike                          MR,TR
  Russet Antshrike                                TR
  Plain Antvireo                                  LA
  Slaty Antwren                                   TR
  Dot-winged Antwren                              MR
  Chestnut-backed Antbird                         MR,TR
  Dusky Antbird                                   TR
  Streak-chested (=Spectacled) Antpitta           TR
  Thicket (=Fulvous-bellied) Antpitta             LA

  (Silvery-throated Tapaculo)                     (SV)

  Rose-throated Becard                            TR
  White-winged Becard                             TR
  Cinnamon Becard                                 LA,TR
  Masked Tityra                                   LA,I,TR
  Black-crowned Tityra                            LA,I,TR

  Snowy Cotinga                                   LA
  Turquoise Cotinga                               I
  Rufous Piha                                     MR,(TR)

  White-collared Manakin                          LA
  Orange-collared Manakin                         TR
  Red-capped Manakin                              LA
  Blue-crowned Manakin                            MR,TR

  Black Phoebe                                    SV
  Long-tailed Tyrant                              LA
  Tropical Kingbird                               widespread
  Streaked Flycatcher                             I,TR,J
  Great Kiskadee                                  widespread
  Boat-billed Flycatcher                          LA,TR
  Social Flycatcher                               widespread
  White-ringed Flycatcher                         LA
  Piratic Flycatcher                              LA,TR
  Gray-capped Flycatcher                          LA,S,MR
  Bright-rumped Atilla                            LA,TR
  Rufous Mourner                                  LA,TR
  Tropical Pewee                                  LA,TR
  Dark Pewee                                      SV
  Ochraceous Pewee                                SV
  Common Tody-flycatcher                          LA,MR,TR
  Slate-headed Tody-flycatcher                    TR
  Yellowish Flycatcher                            SV
  Yellow-olive Flycatcher                         LA,P,MR
  (Yellow-margined Flycatcher)                    (LA)
  Ochre-bellied Flycatcher                        LA,MR,TR
  Northern Royal Flycatcher                       TR
  Panama Flycatcher                               TR
  Dusky-capped Flycatcher                         LA,MR,TR
  Northern Scrub-Flycatcher                       TR
  Tufted Flycatcher                               SV
  Black-capped Flycatcher                         SV
  Sulfur-rumped Flycatcher                        MR,TR
  Black-tailed Flycatcher                         TR
  Tawny-chested Flycatcher                        G
  Golden-crowned Spadebill                        MR,TR
  Northern Bentbill                               TR
  Eye-ringed Flatbill                             LA
  Torrent Tyrranulet                              SV
  Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet                   TR
  Yellow-crowned Tyrranulet                       S
  (Yellow Tyrranulet)                             (TR)
  Misteltoe Tyrranulet                            LA
  Mountain Elaenia                                SV
  Greenish Elaenia                                TR
  Yellow-bellied Elaenia                          LA
  Lesser Elaenia                                  MR

  Gray-breasted Martin                            J,LA
  Blue-and-white Swallow                          LA,N,I
  Mangrove Swallow                                S,TR
  Southern Rough-winged Swallow                   LA,I,TR

  Brown Jay                                       LA
  White-throated Magpie-Jay                       TR

  House Wren                                      widespread
  Ochraceous Wren                                 SV
  Banded-backed Wren                              LA
  Rufous-naped Wren                               TR
  Bay Wren                                        LA
  Gray-breasted Wood-wren                         SV
  White-breasted Wood-wren                        LA
  Plain Wren                                      LA,I
  Riverside Wren                                  MR,D,TR
  Rufous-and-white Wren                           TR
  Rufous-breasted Wren                            TR
  Black-bellied Wren                              TR
  Black-throated Wren                             G

Turdidae (or Muscicapidae)
  Ruddy-capped Nightingale-thrush                 SV
  Clay-colored Robin                              widespread
  Pale-vented Robin                               LA
  Mountain Robin                                  SV
  Sooty Robin                                     C
  Black-faced Solitaire                           SV

  Tropical Gnatcatcher                            LA,TR
  Long-billed Gnatwren                            LA,TR

  Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher                    SV

  Lesser Greenlet                                 LA,MR,TR
  Tawny-crowned Greenlet                          MR,TR
  Scrub Greenlet                                  TR
  Brown-capped Vireo                              SV,I
  Yellow-green Vireo                              I
  Yellow-winged Vireo                             SV
  Mangrove Vireo                                  TR
  Green Shrike-Vireo                              TR
  Rufous-browed Peppershrike                      TR

  Bananaquit                                      LA,MR,S

  "Mangrove" Yellow Warbler                       TR
  Buff-rumped Warbler                             LA
  Rufous-capped Warbler                           I,D
  Black-cheeked Warbler                           SV
  Flame-throated Warbler                          SV
  Gray-crowned Yellowthroat                       TR
  Olive-crowned Yellowthroat                      LA
  Collared Redstart                               SV

  Shining Honeycreeper                            LA
  Red-legged Honeycreeper                         LA,MR,TR
  Green Honeycreeper                              LA,MR,TR
  Blue Dacnis                                     LA,MR
  Scarlet-thighed Dacnis                          LA
  White-shouldered Tanager                        LA,TR
  Silver-throated Tanager                         D
  Speckled Tanager                                D
  Spangle-cheeked Tanager                         SV
  Golden-hooded Tanager                           widespread
  Passerini's (Scarlet-rumped) Tanager            LA,G
  Cherrie's (Scarlet-rumped) Tanager              I,P,N,MR,TR,C
  White-lined Tanager                             LA,MR
  Dusky-faced Tanager                             LA,G
  Gray-headed Tanager                            TR
  Palm Tanager                                    widespread
  Plain-colored Tanager                           LA
  Crimson-collared Tanager                        LA
  Blue-gray Tanager                               widespread
  Bay-headed Tanager                              MR,D,TR
  Common Bush-Tanager                             SV
  Sooty-capped Bush-Tanager                       SV
  Red-throated Ant-Tanager                        LA
  Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager                       MR
  Scrub Euphonia                                  TR
  Elegant (=Blue-hooded) Euphonia                 SV
  Yellow-throated Euphonia                        TR
  Yellow-crowned Euphonia                         LA,P,TR
  Thick-billed Euphonia                           N
  Olive-backed Euphonia                           LA
  Golden-browed Chlorophonia                      SV

  Great-tailed Grackle                            widespread
  Bronzed Cowbird                                 LA,G,S,I,N
  Montezuma Oropendola                            LA
  Scarlet-rumped Cacique                          LA
  Yellow-billed Cacique                           LA
  (Melodious Blackbird)                           (G,TR)
  Red-winged Blackbird                            TR
  Red-breasted Blackbird                          S
  Yellow-tailed Oriole                            LA
  Black-cowled Oriole                             LA,SV

  Blue-black Grosbeak                             LA
  Black-thighed Grosbeak                          SV
  Black-faced Grosbeak                            LA
  Eastern Meadowlark                              G,S
  Slaty Flower-Piercer                            SV
  Rufous-collared Sparrow                         J,I,SV
  Black-striped Sparrow                           LA,MR
  Orange-billed Sparrow                           G,LA,MR,TR
  Volcano Junco                                   C
  Yellow-bellied Siskin                           SV,P
  Lesser Goldfinch                                P
  Chestnut-capped Brush-finch                     SV
  Large-footed Finch                              SV
  Yellow-thighed Finch                            SV
  Blue-black Grassquit                            LA,G,S,N,I,TR
  Yellow-faced Grassquit                          SV
  Variable Seedeater                              LA,G,S,I,P,D,N,TR
  Yellow-bellied Seedeater                        I
  Thick-billed Seed-finch                         LA
  Buff-throated Saltator                          LA,S,TR
  Grayish Saltator                                LA
  Black-headed Saltator                           LA
  Streaked Saltator                               I

  House Sparrow                                   J

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