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October 2000

by Kate Trainer

All locations are west of San Pedro Pochutla and Puerto Angel, Oaxaca.

The "coastal road" proceeds west from Puerto Angel, joining Ruta 200
at San Antonio.  The sites are a few minutes apart by local
minivan.  Ambitious walking distance, but the October climate
is very hot.

A = San Agustinillo puebla, west of Zipolite---Older-growth jungle, thick underbrush, shallow streams north of coastal road.   Also coastal lagoon, rocky shore.

R = Rincon Allegre, west of Tonameteca---Both sides of Ruta 200, Riverbank, plantations, farm plots.

T = Tonameteca town---Arid scrub and creeks above town.  Gardens in town.

V = Ventanilla puebla, west of San Agustinillo, a few Km from coastal road---Coastal lagoon and farm plots.

* = Numerous or conspicuous; easily found with little effort.

Indented species are regular in North America

  Brown pelican                 A
Booby sp.                       A
  Magnificent frigatebird       A     V *
  Anhinga                             V
  Double-crest cormorant          R   V
  Yellow-crown N-heron                V
  Tricolor heron                      V
  Green-back heron                R   V
  Little blue heron               R   V
  Cattle egret                  A R   V *
  Snowy egret                     R
  Great egret                     R   V
  Great blue heron              A R   V
  Roseate spoonbill                   V
  White ibis                          V
  Turkey vulture                A R T V *
  Black vulture                 A R T V *
  Common black hawk             A   T   *
Crane hawk                      A
Roadside hawk                   A     V
  White-tail hawk               A
Grey hawk                       A     V
  American kestrel                R
Black hawk-eagle                A
  Accipiter sp.                   R
Plumbeous kite                    R
  Osprey                        A     V
N. Jacana                             V
  Black-neck stilt                    V
  Solitary sandpiper            A R   V
  Least sandpiper               A     V
West Mexican Chachalaca         A
Ruddy ground dove               A R   V
  Inca dove                     A R T V *
Scaled pigeon                         V
  White-wing dove                 R T   *
  White-tip dove                A
Orange-front parakeet             R T V *
White-front parrot              A
Squirrel cuckoo                     T
L. ground cuckoo                A   T
  Groove-bill ani               A R T V *
White-collar swift                R
Citreolene trogon               A     V *
  Broadbill hummingbird         A
Cinnamon hummingbird                  V
Plain-cap starthroat                T
Long-bill starthroat            A
  Ruby-throat hummingbird         R T
Fork-tail emerald                   T
Violet sabrewing                A
White-neck jacobin                R
  Ringed kingfisher             A     V
Russet-crown motmot             A   T V *
Golden-cheek woodpecker         A R T V *
Lineated woodpecker             A     V
Tropical kingbird               A R T V *
  G. Kiskadee                   A R T V *
Social flycatcher                 R T   *
  Vermillion flycatcher           R
  Ash-throated flycatcher         R T
  Least flycatcher              A
Grey-breast martin                R T
  Cliff swallow                       V
White-throat magpie jay         A R T V *
Rufus-nape wren                 A R T V *
Banded wren                     A     V
Solitaire sp.                   A
Rufus-back robin                A     V
  Hermit thrush                 A
White-lore gnatcatcher          A
  Blue-gray gnatcatcher           R T
Golden vireo                    A R   V *
  Solitary vireo                A
  Yellow-throat vireo           A
Mangrove vireo                  A     V
  Yellow warbler                  R T
Orange-breast bunting           A R T   *
Blue-black grassquit              R
Ruddy-breast seedeater              T
  Lesser goldfinch                R
Olive sparrow                   A
Streak-back oriole                R
  Altamira oriole               A R   V *
  Hooded oriole                 A R   V *
  Orchard oriole                  R T
Bronzed cowbird                 A R
  Great-tail grackle            A R T V *
Yellow-wing cacique             A R T V *


Species seen only en-route, but not in above-described area.

T = Tamaulipas  V = Veracruz  X = Oaxaca uplands

  Black-crown N-heron           V
Boat-bill heron                 V
  Wood stork                    V
Black-collar hawk               V
  Red-tail hawk                 T
  Swainson's hawk               T
  Black-shoulder kite           T
  Crested caracara              TV
  Yellowlegs sp.                V
Collared forest-falcon          V
  Golden-front woodpecker       T
  Scissortail flycatcher        T
Red-bill pigeon                 V
Mangrove swallow                V
  Loggerhead shrike             T
  Chihuahuan raven              T
  Tamaulipas crow               T
Greyish saltator                X

Kate Trainer,
Traverse City, Michigan.