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Villahermosa offers only limited birding potential, as far as I know, due to extensive clearing and development in the immediate area. The two times we've stayed in the city (again, not since 1993) have been at the very nice Hyatt near La Venta park. The woodlands of the park are of mild interest for birding, but the Olmec heads displayed there are great. Wetlands can be birded (cautiously) from the main highway east of the city (MX 186), especially an old road bed near the Zapote II bridge 5.5 km east of the Grijalva River. Another accessible site not too far from Villahermosa is the road to Jalapa (Tabasco) off MX 186, which crosses a large wetland. Closer to Palenque the Palizada and El Cuyo roads are interesting, as is the area of La Libertad.