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3 - 18 September 2006

by Marcel Holyoak

The complete trip report is available on-line as a PDF file.

We visited Sao Paolo, Parana and a tiny bit of Santa Catharina states from 3rd to 17th September 2006 recording nearly 400 bird species including 58 endemics. The two guides referenced in the report were excellent. Despite extensive travels and tours with guides, I have never met a guide with as much knowledge of calls or ability to precisely locate calls as Edson Endrigo, who guided the first part of the trip. Edson also organizes trips with fixed departure dates--more details are on his website.

The second part of the trip was spent getting the special birds of Parana state, with a local guide, Raphael Sobãnia (e-mail). Raphael knows the local area and birds extremely well and I highly recommend him as a guide. He mainly guides private tours, so contact him if you want to hire him.

Both guides were extremely professional, we had a relatively new Mercedes bus, good basic hotels/lodges to stay in (occasionally better places, see the report), and everything was flawlessly arranged. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about the guides.

Some photos from this trip are posted here. Any misidentifications or mistakes do let me know.

Marcel Holyoak.
maholyoak at
Davis CA 95616, USA

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