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CHILE -- SANTIAGO (El Yeso Reservoir)

3 March 2000

by Greg Roberts

We stayed overnight in Santiago en route to and returning from Ecuador. On March 3, we made a brief visit to El Yeso Reservoir, in the Andes east of the capital.


Southern Lapwing,
Eared Dove,
Chimango Caracara,
Austral Thrush,
Rock Dove,
House Sparrow,
House Wren,
Dark-bellied Cinclodes,
Andean Lapwing,
Austral Blackbird,
Black-winged Ground-Dove,
Common Duica-Finch (also seen on Easter Island),
*Greater Yellowfinch (common near reservoir),
*White-sided Hillstar (several near reservoir),
*Chilean Mockingbird (common).

Total 15 (3 lifers)