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19 November - 12 December 2001

by John Penhallurick

I had a target list of 98 life species, of which I managed 94.  I enthusiastically thank the guides we had in two locations: Michele Salaberry in Santiago<>, and Ricardo Matus in Punta Arenas<>.  Both did an excellent job, and I warmly recommend them to any visiting birders.


We started out with a trip to Embolso El Yeso.  On the way up we had great looks at the endemic Dusky-tailed Canastero.  The highlight was three Diademed Sandpiper-Plovers at El Yeso.  They were right in front of the turn-around area on the side road to the boggy section.  One adult plus runner, and the other adult was on the rocks at the end of the turn-around area.  Another great lifer was Crag Chilia.  We had stunning views of 6.  Other notable sightings: 3 White-sided Hillstar, 4 Rufous-backed Miner, 3 Scale-throated Earthcreepers, 6 Dark-bellied Cinclodes, 6 Grey-flanked Cinclodes, 3 Lesser Canastero (at the HQ), 5 Moustached Turca, and 1 nice Magellanic Tapaculo among the rocks around the edge of the bog at Yeso. Lots of Ground-Tyrants (10 White-browed, 1 Ochre-naped, 1 Black-fronted), 10 Greater Yellowfinch at the HQ, and lots of Sierra Finches, including the lifer Grey-hooded (20 seen).

The next day we headed to some small lakes at Leyda near the coast.  Good birds included 20 Lake Duck, Red Shovelers including two with ducklings, 2 South American Snipe, 40 Southern Wigeon, many with young, 100s of Red-gartered Coots, 4 White-winged Coots, 10 Spot-flanked Gallinule and 4 Black-necked Swan.  In reeds near the Maipu River Mount we had nice looks at male Spectacled Tyrant, and along the shore we had our first Least Seedsnipe and 2 Black-chinned Siskin.  At El Tabo, we added 2 White-tipped Grebe. 40 Inca Tern at Santo Domingo, and then in a gorge near Cordova: 3 Fire-eyed Diucon, 1 White-throated Tapaculo (plus 2 H),1 Des Murs Wiretail (at the extreme northern edge of its range here), 4 Thorn-tailed Rayaditos, 1 Dusky Tapaculo and another Dusky-tailed Canastero.

Day three took us first to P.N. Rio Los Cipreses.  We flushed 2 Chilean Tinamou, and saw 3 Chilean Pigeon, 18 Burrowing Parrot, 1 Austral Pygmy Owl and 1 Striped Woodpecker.  Later at a sewage farm near Batuco, we had 20 Silvery Grebe, 2 Black-headed Duck (male and female), 2 Rosy-billed Pochard, 100s of Lake Duck, thousands of Red Shovelers, 100s of Southern Wigeon and Speckled Teal.  On leaving I saw 10 Grassland (= Misto) Yellow-Finch.

We flew to Arica, and found Pacific Doves to be common around town.  I did not find Seaside Cinclodes on the Alicran Peninsula, despite four visits, probably my worst miss.  In the Azapa Valley, we had 1 Oasis Hummingbird at the Museo Archelogica, together with a Burrowing Owl; 2 Chilean Woodstar in the Vivero on the left in Azapa, 2 Peruvian Sheartail (male and female) in lantana on the road to the right.  Mark Pearman's book says Slender-billed Finch is common in the mixed Citrus and Olive Groves on the east side of Azapa.  We could find no sign of the Finch there (just 100s of Rufous-collared Sparrows), and no citrus trees.

We finally had 1 Slender-billed Finch perch on the wire near the lantana site.  Along the road to Putre, we saw 2 Straight-billed Earthcreepers, 2 Plain-mantled Tit-Spinetails, 2 Spot-billed ground-Tyrants and 2 Greenish Yellow-Finches.  In the valley to the north of Putre, we found 6 Giant Hummingbird, 6 Andean Hillstars, and 2 Rufous-tailed Plantcutters, 20 Bare-faced Ground-Dove, 1 Golden-billed Saltator, 3 Mountain Parakeet, 10 Yellow-rumped Siskin and 1 Band-tailed Sierra-Finch. Early the next morning, I found Greyish Miner around the outskirts of Putre in the valley of the creek crossing the road into Putre, 1 Yellow-billed Tit-Tyrant.

On the drive up to Lauca, and well as hundreds of Vicuna, we saw 30 White-winged Diuca-Finch, 20 Andean Geese, 2 Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe, 1 Puna Miner and 1 White-winged Cinclodes near Parinocota.  Lake Chungara produced 100s of Giant Coot, 100s of Specked Teal, 80 Puna Teal, 6 Puna Ibis plus Andean Negrito and some 400 Chilean Flamingo.  Back in Putre we added 1 Chiguanco Thrush,  and 6 Bright-rumped Yellowfinch.  Back to Lauca the next day, and we found a male Lesser (Puna) Rhea with 14 chicks, 3 Red-backed Hawks, 10 Cordilleran Canastero, and along the dirt road from Chocuyo to Parinacota 1 White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant.  The Upper Lluta Valley yielded plenty of Chestnut-throated Seedeaters, 3 Slender-billed Finch and 8 Groove-billed Ani, but despite diligent searching no Pied-crested Tit-Tyrant.

We next flew to Calama and drove to San Pedro de Atacama: nice but something of a tourist trap.  Our goal here was Horned Coot at Laguna Miscanti.  This is a long drive, paved for about half its length and you do need at least a high-clearance vehicle to get in to the lakes.  There were no coot on Miscanti but we found some 40 within telescope view on Munique and had lunch with 2 adults feeding 3 young not more than 15 yards away.  Pearman's book says Rock Earthcreeper is fairly common around Socaire, but though both of us searched the rocky slopes around the village for several hours we found none.

We flew to Punta Arenas, and Ricardo took us straight away south of the town.  This gave 100 Upland Geese, 22 Ashy-headed Geese, 4 Crested Duck, Austral Negrito, many Dolphin Gull, hundreds of Black-faced Ibis, 3 Magellanic Oystercatcher, many Rock Shag, male and female Flightless Steamer-Duck, 1 Southern Fulmar, 30 Ruddy-headed Geese, including a pair with 5 young and 2 Austral Parakeet.  The next day we headed north. A long search for Magellanic Plover at Laguna de los Palos failed, although we did find 6 Two-banded Plover.

Then we headed to the ferry crossing at First Narrow and then along the road to Pali-ake.  Birds seen included: 100s of Lesser (Darwin's) Rhea, 2 adult Coscoroba Swan with 6 cygnets 4 Flying Steamer-Duck, 3 Least Seedsnipe, 300-odd White-rumped Sandpiper, 200 Baird's, 5 Tawny-throated Dotterel, 2 Cinereous Harrier, 1 Chocolate-vented Tyrant, 5 Cinnamon-bellied Ground-Tyrant, 3 Common Miner, 2 Patagonian Yellow-Finch; and along the Pali-Ake road 2 stunning Rufous-chested Dotterel, and 10 Canary-winged (aka Black-throated) Finch.  We found a beautiful pair of the Pallid form of Peregrine near Posesion, and finally Austral Canastero near Buquequemado.  We also saw 2 Commerson's Dolphin at the Ferry Crossing.

The next day we took the ferry across the Strait of Magellan to Porvenir and Tierra del Fuego.  On the way across we had 10 Magellanic Diving-Petrel and some 250 Imperial Shag.  We went first to Laguna de los Cisnes, and near the elevated pathway leading to the airport's shed, we had excellent views of 2 Magellanic Plover. As well, we saw 6 Short-billed Miner and 2 Flying Steamer-Duck with chicks.  Driving south along the road to Armonia, we had excellent views of a male Magellanic Owl (a split from Great Horned Owl, with a different habitat and call) with the rear half of a juvenile Grey Fox in its beak.

On our last morning with Ricardo, we decided to try for Magellanic Woodpecker and headed south to San Juan again.  We found a male and female Magellanic Woodpecker, plus 2 Patagonian Sierra-Finch and our first White-throated Treehunter.  The next day we headed off to P.N.Torres del Paine.  Ricardo had found Yellow-bridled Finch along the road to Las Cumbres.  We had no luck with this species but did find 8 Andean Condor ( 4 adults and 4 immatures) on a cliff face, a lifer for my wife.

The next day we found the road to the southern entrance to the park closed, and had to drive back to the marsh near the southern entrance.  We had a long and vocal interaction with an Austral Rail, but could not lure the bird from its dense reeds.

Next we flew to Puerto Montt and headed down to Ancud on Chiloe. Pearman's map of this area is plain wrong and of little use.  In the general areas that Pearman listed as good for Chucao Tapaculo we heard nothing, in contrast to their omnipresence in P.N.Puyehue, our next stop.  We immediately had staggering views of a pair of Black-throated Huet-huet.  The next day I walked early around the Aguas Calientes lodge, where Green-backed Firecrown proved to be common. Then we drove slowly up to Antillanca and after lunch drove up to the Raihwen Crater where I looked in vain for Yellow-bridled Finch. We had good looks at Chucao Tapaculo on the way up, and 4 more Patagonian Sierra-Finch around Antillanca.In the crater we found 5 White-browed Ground-Tyrant and 1 Rufous-webbed Miner. The highlight of the drive up on our last morning were 2 Rufous-tailed Hawks.

On to Concepcion, where we first visited Laguna del Laja.  This is the only site listed by Pearman for Chestnut-throated Huet-huet, but we found the habitat in all three suggested locations completely wrong.  Highlights of this park were staggering views of my life Great Shrike-Tyrant right at the top just before the lake, and at last, a distant view of a single Yellow-bridled Finch high on a scree slope in the same area.  2 Aplomado Falcons were nice on the way down.

Our second-last stop was P.N.Nahabutel, where we stayed in Angol.  The road in is very bad and I recommend 4WD for visiting this.  Highlights here were 12 Slender-billed Parakeet, a magnificent male Magellanic Woodpecker close-up on the Pichinahuel Track. I also had Ochre-flanked Tapaculo in bamboo along the same track.  We were also lucky enough to have a Rufous-legged Owl fly across the track directly in front of our car.

We finally headed to the Las Truncas road east of Chillan in search of Chestnut-throated Huet-huet.  I heard three but found them completely unresponsive.  Lady luck finally smiled on me when, as we were driving back along the Las Truncas road, we found one standing in low plants beside the road.

Altogether a great trip.


19/11 To Embolso El Yeso with Michele Salaberry; night Hotel Irazu las Condes

20/11 To Coast: small lakes near Ledra; near Maipu River Mouth; El Tabo; Gorge near Cordova; with Michele Salaberry

21/11 to P.N. Rio Los Cipreses; late pm to sewage farm near Batuco; with Michele Salaberry

22/11 Flew to Arica. pm Azapa Valley. Plus two trips to Alicran Peninsula.  In Arica Hotel Americano (Recommended;and if you rent a car from their car rental, they charge you only US$40 per night).

23/11 drove to Putre with stops in Lluta Valley; late pm birded valley to north of Putre. Night Hostal Cali.

24/11 early birding in valley of creek that cuts road into Putre; then drove to P.N. Lauca, Parinacota, then along Lake Chungara to Bolivian border .late birding in valley to north of Putre.

25/11 am: Drove to P.N. Lauca including dirt road from Chucuyo to Parinacota; pm back to Arica with stops in Lluta Valley. Another futile trip to Alicran Peninsula. night Hotel Americano.

26/11 Flew Arica-Santiago-Calama then drove to San Pedro de Atacama. Night Residencial Lincacabur.

27/11 Drove to Lagunas Miscanti and Munique with stops going and returning at Socaire. Then back to Calama. Night Hotel El Mirador.

28/11 Flew Calama-Santiago-Punta Arenas. Met Ricardo Matus at airport. 3.30 drove south to San Juan with Ricardo. Night Hotel Austral. Recommended. Ricardo got us a special deal.

29/11 Drove North & Northeast of Punta Arenas. First to Laguna Los Palos (failed search for Magellanic Plover; then to First Narrow (Ferry Crossing); then to Pali-ake for Canary-winged Finch and Rufous-chested Plover; then to cliffs on coast for "kreyenborgi" Peregrines; finally Buquequemado for Austral Canastero. With Ricardo.

30/11 Ferry to Porvenir & Tierra del Fuego. To Laguna Los Cisnes for Magellanic Plover; then south along road to Armonia for Magellanic Owl; in Punta Arenas to old piers for Shags. With Ricardo.

1/12 am South to forest south of San Juan for Magellanic Woodpecker, with Ricardo. pm drove to P.N.Torres del Paine, with side trip to Los Cumbres. Night Hosteria Mirador del Paine. (Expensive but very nice and you have little choice.  All the others are even more expensive!

2/12 P.N.Torres del Paine. Drove to Admin Centre with drive back to Porteria Sarmiento for Austral Rail, then pm back to Punta Arenas.

3/12 Flew to Puerto Montt, then drove to Ancud on Chiloe with trip to Lago Quilo and Mar Bravo. Pearman's Map hopeless. Birding very poor. Wet. Night Hotel Lydia.

4/12 drove Ancud to P.N.Puyehue. Birded start of Antillanca Road late pm. Night Hosteria & Cabanas Aguas Calientes. Best place to stay for Puyehue.

5/12 early birding around Hosteria. then drove to Antillanca. After lunch to Crater Raihuen, then back to Aguas Calientes.

6/12 am drove up to Antillanca again. late drove back to Puerto Montt for late flight to Concepcion. Night Hotel Club Presidente.

7/12 drove to Antuco. Stayed at Hosteria El Almendro. pm drove up to P.N. Laguna del Laja .Looked for Valley A in Pearman's Book. Could not find.

8/12 am drove to Laguna del Laja again. Walked areas B & C in Pearman's Book. No sign of Chestnut-throated Huet-huet.

9/12 Drove to Angol. pm drove to P.N.Nahuelbuta. Road very rough and really requires 4WD or at least vehicle with high clearance. Night Hotel Millaray in Angol.

10/12 visit to P.N.Nahuelbuta.

11/12 Drove to Los Truncas. Stayed at Cabanas El Eskiador.

12/12 back to Concepcion for flight to Santiago and Miami.


Note: subspecies are indicated in brackets ( ). S = Seen, H = Heard.

Lesser Rhea                             Rhea pennata                                    RHEIDAE:Rheas
S25/11 just after start of P.N.Lauca. I male (tarapacensis) with 14 chicks. 29/11 North & Northeast of Punta Arenas 100+ S. 1/12 drive to P.N.Torres del Paine 40 S. 2/12 drive back to Punta Arenas 40 S (pennata).
Chilean Tinamou                         Nothoprocta perdicaria                          TINAMIDAE:Tinamous                                          S21/11 3 S close to P.N.Rio Los Cipreses. 2 flushed and 1 S by roadside(perdicaria). 7/12 1 S in flat country below P.N. Laguna Los Lajos near Antuco(sanborni).
California Quail                        Callipepla californica                          ODONTOPHORIDAE:New World Quails                         S19/11 on road to El Yeso 4 S. 21/11 on road to Rio Los Cipreses 4 S. 9/12 on road to Nahuelbuta 2 S. 10/12 same 3 S.
Lake Duck                               Oxyura vittata                                  ANATIDAE(Oxyurinae):Stiff-tailed Ducks                      S20/11 24 S on lakes near Ledra and El Tabo. 21/11 Sewage Farm near Batuco: 100s S. 2/12 Torres del Paine 4S.
Black-headed Duck                       Heteronetta atricapilla          ANATIDAE(Oxyurinae):Stiff-tailed Ducks
S21/11 2 S (male and female) at Sewage farm near Batuco.
Black-necked Swan                       Cygnus melanocorypha       ANATIDAE(Cygninae):Swans
S20/11 24 S on lakes near Leydra and at El Tabo. 29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 3 S. 2/12 Torres del Paine 20 S.

Coscoroba Swan                          Coscoroba coscoroba   ANATIDAE(Cygninae):Swans
S29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 2 S with 6 goslings.
Andean Goose                            Chloephaga melanoptera   ANATIDAE(Anserini):Geese       
S24/11 in P.N.Lauca 20 S. 25/11 same 40 S.
Upland Goose                            Chloephaga picta                                ANATIDAE(Anserini):Geese                                    S28/11 along road to San Juan 50 S. 29/11 North & Northeast of Punta Arenas 500 S. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 50 S. 1/12 South to San Juan 20 S. Drive to P.N.Torres del Paine 100 S. 2/12. Torres del Paine & drive back to Punta Arenas 100 S.(picta)

Ashy-headed Goose                       Chloephaga poliocephala    ANATIDAE(Anserini):Geese   
S28/11 South of Punta Arenas 90 S. 29/11 North & Northeast of P.A. 2 S. 1/12 South of P.A.1000 S.      
Ruddy-headed Goose                      Chloephaga rubidiceps       ANATIDAE(Anserini):Geese  
S28/11 on road to San Juan 15 S including pair with 5 young. 29/11 Northeast of P.A. 10 S.1/12 San Juan 4 S.
Flightless Steamerduck                  Tachyeres pteneres                              ANATIDAE(Anserini):Geese                                    S28/11 while driving South from Punta Arenas 2 (male and female ) S.
Flying Steamerduck                      Tachyeres patachonicus     ANATIDAE(Anserini):Geese    
S29/11 North of P.A. 9 S including pair with 5 chicks. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 10 S.
Torrent Duck                            Merganetta armata                               ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S8/12 2 S flying upstream below Laguna del Laja.(armata)
Crested Duck                            Anas specularioides                             ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S24/11 P.N. Lauca 20 S. 25/11 same 25 S.  (alticola) 28/11 South of Punta Arenas 10 S. 29/11 North & Northeast of Punta Arenas 20 S. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 10 S. 1/12 to San Juan 20 S. drive to P.N.Torres del Paine 20 S.(specularioides)

Spectacled Duck                         Anas specularis                                 ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S2/12 on a corry in Torres del Paine 2 (male and female) S. Good photos taken.
Chiloe Wigeon                           Anas sibilatrix                                 ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S20/11 lakes near Leydra and El Tabo 40 S, including adults with ducklings. 21/11 sewage farm near Batuco hundreds S. 29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 4 S. 1/12 on drive to Torres del Paine 10 S. 2/12 drive back 10 S.
Red Shoveler                            Anas platalea                                   ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S20/11 lakes near Leydra 2 S with 8 ducklings. 21/11 Sewage Farm near Batuco thousands S.  
White-cheeked Pintail                   Anas bahamensis                                 ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S20/11 near Leydra 1 male S. (rubrirostris)
Speckled Teal                           Anas flavirostris                               ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S20/11 200 S. 24/11 P.N.Lauca hundreds S. 25/11 same hundreds S.(oxyptera) 28/11 south of Punta Arenas 4 S. 29/11 North of P.A. 4 S. (flavirostris)

Puna Teal                               Anas puna                                       ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S24/11 P.N.Lauca Lake Chungara 80 S.
Rosy-billed Pochard                     Netta peposaca                                  ANATIDAE(Anatini):Typical Ducks                             S21/11 Sewage farm near Batuco 2 (male and female ) S.
Striped Woodpecker                      Picoides lignarius                              PICIDAE:Woodpeckers,Wrynecks                                S21/11 P.N.Rio las Cipreses 1 male S.
Chilean Flicker                         Colaptes pitius                                 PICIDAE:Woodpeckers,Wrynecks                                S19/11 on way back from Yeso 1 S. 25/11 upper Lluta Valley 1 S. 8/12 Laguna del Laja 2 S. 9/12 on road to Nahuelbuta 2 S. 10/12 on road to Nahuelbuta 2 S.
Magellanic Woodpecker                   Campephilus magellanicus     PICIDAE:Woodpeckers,Wrynecks   
S1/12 in forest near San Juan 2 (male and female) S. 10/12 Nahuelbuta on Track B extended close views of 1 magnificent male!
Groove-billed Ani                       Crotophaga sulcirostris   CROTOPHAGIDAE(Crotophagini):Anis 
S25/11 upper Lluta Valley 10 S.
Burrowing Parakeet                      Cyanoliseus patagonus                           PSITTACIDAE:Parrots                                         S21/11 P.N.Rio Las Cipreses 22 S (race byroni)
Austral Parakeet                        Enicognathus ferrugineus                        PSITTACIDAE:Parrots                                         S28/11 south of Punta Arenas 2 S. 1/12 same area 3 S. (ferrugineus) 11/12 around cabanas on Las Truncas road 6 S. (minor)
Slender-billed Parakeet@                Enicognathus leptorhynchus   PSITTACIDAE:Parrots 
S9/12 Nahuabutel 5 S. 10/12 Nahuabutel 7 S including 2 perched in Araucaria tree.
Mountain Parakeet                       Psilopsiagon aurifrons                          PSITTACIDAE:Parrots                                         S23/11 3 s in valley to north of Putre feeding in low bushes.
Andean Hillstar                         Oreotrochilus estella          TROCHILIDAE(Trochilinae):Typical Hummingbirds
S23/11 Putre 6 S. 25/11 Putre 2 S. (estella)
White-sided Hillstar                    Oreotrochilus leucopleurus       TROCHILIDAE(Trochilinae):Typical Hummingbirds
S19/11 on road to El  Yeso 3 S.      

Giant Hummingbird                       Patagona gigas          TROCHILIDAE(Trochilinae):Typical Hummingbirds
S19/11 on road to El Yeso 1 S. 21/11 Rio Las Cipreses 1 S. (gigas) 23/11 Putre 6 S. 25/11 Putre 3 S.(peruviana)
Green-backed Firecrown                  Sephanoides sephaniodes      TROCHILIDAE(Trochilinae):Typical Hummingbirds
S4/12 around Aguas Calientes 4 S. 5/12 same 30 S. 6/12 same 10 S. 10/12 Nahuelbuta 1 S.

Oasis Hummingbird                       Rhodopis vesper         TROCHILIDAE(Trochilinae):Typical Hummingbirds
S22/11 Azapa 1 male S. (vesper)
Peruvian Sheartail                      Thaumastura cora              TROCHILIDAE(Trochilinae):Typical Hummingbirds
S22/11 Azapa, in Lantana on road to right before Azapa, 2(male and female) S.

Chilean Woodstar                        Eulidia yarrellii            TROCHILIDAE(Trochilinae):Typical Hummingbirds
S22/11 in Azapa in Vivero in the village 2(male & female) S.
Magellanic Owl                          Bubo magellanicus                               STRIGIDAE:Typical Owls                                      S30/11 Tierra del Fuego on road to Armonia about 5 Km from Porvenir. 1 bird (?male) seen with hindquarters of a kit Grey Fox in its bill. Another bird (?female) was heard responding. Good picture.

Rufous-legged Owl                       Strix rufipes                                   STRIGIDAE:Typical Owls                                      S10/12 What luck! A bird flew across the track directly in front of us about 3 km after the entrance to Nahuelbuta.

Austral Pygmy-Owl                       Phalaenopsis nana                               STRIGIDAE:Typical Owls                                      S21/11 at Headquarters of P.N.Rio Las Cipreses 1 S, very responsive to tape.
Burrowing Owl                           Athene cunicularia                              STRIGIDAE:Typical Owls                                      S22/11 Azapa Valley. 1 perched on power pole at Museo Archeologico (cunicularia)
Rock Pigeon                             Columba livia                                   COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves                                    S3/12 Ancud. Certainly elsewhere but I couldn't be bothered to keep count.
Chilean Pigeon                          Columba araucana                                COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves                                    S21/11 Rio Las Cipreses 3 S. 5/12 Antillanca Road 6 S. 6/12 Same 6 S. 8/12 P.N.Laguna del Laja 2 S. 10/12 Nahuelbuta 2 S. 11/12 Las Truncas Road 2 S.
Eared Dove                              Zenaida auriculata                              COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves                                    SQuite common so some maybe not noticed. 28/11 near Punta Arenas 4 S. 29/11 same 5 S. 1/12 P.A. 10 S. 2/12 P/A.10 S. (virgata)

Pacific Dove                            Zenaida meloda                                  COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves                                    S22/11 Common around Arica and Azapa
Picui Ground-Dove                       Columbina picui                                 COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves                                    S19/11 on road to El Yeso 1 S. (picui)
Croaking Ground-Dove                    Columbina cruziana   COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves   
S22/11  Azapa 6 S.
Bare-faced Ground-Dove                  Metriopelia ceciliae   COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves     
S23/11 Putre 20 S. (zimmeri)
Black-winged Ground-Dove                Metriopelia melanoptera   COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves 
S19/11 on road to El Yeso hundreds S. (melanoptera) 
Golden-spotted Ground-Dove              Metriopelia aymara     COLUMBIDAE:Pigeons,Doves
S27/11 en route to Laguna Miscanta 2 S.
Austral Rail                            Rallus antarcticus                              RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots  
H2/12 in Tule Marsh near Porteria Sarmiento to P.N.Torres del Paine. Responded very well to tape, but would not show itself.

Plumbeous Rail                          Pardirallus sanguinolentus                      RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots                             S9/12 1 Seen by roadside between Antuco and route 5 (landbecki)
Spot-flanked Gallinule                  Gallinula melanops                              RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots                             S20/11 small lakes near Leydra 10 S. (crassirostris)
White-winged Coot                       Fulica leucoptera                               RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots                             S20/11 small lakes near Leydra 4 S. 21/11 Sewage Farm near Batuco 30 S. 29/11 Northeast from Punta Arenas 2 S.
Red-gartered Coot                       Fulica armillata                                RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots                             S20/11 lakes near Leydra and El Tabo hundreds S. 29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 20 S. 1/12 San Juan 10 S. 1/12 Torres del Paine 20 S.

Red-fronted Coot                        Fulica rufifrons                                RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots                             S21/11 Sewage farm near Batuco 10 S including birds with young.
Giant Coot                              Fulica gigantea                                 RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots    
S24 & 25/11 in P.N.Lauca: Chungara Lake and also smaller water bodies hundreds S including many with young.

Horned Coot                             Fulica cornuta                                  RALLIDAE:Rails,Gallinules,Coots                             S27/11 Laguna Munique ca 35 birds S most with young.  Had lunch within 15 metres of a family of 2 adults with 3 chicks. Great photos.

Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe                Attagis gayi             THINOCORIDAE:Seedsnipe    
S24/11 on way up to P.N.Lauca 2 birds S. (simonsi)
Grey-breasted Seedsnipe                 Thinocorus orbignyianus    THINOCORIDAE:Seedsnipe
S19/11 at El Yeso 6 S. (orbignyianus).24/11 P.N.Lauca 2 S (ingae). 2/12 Torres del Paine 1 S. (orbignyianus)
Least Seedsnipe                         Thinocorus rumicivorus                          THINOCORIDAE:Seedsnipe                                      S20/11 back of beach near Maipu River Mouth 1 S (?bolivianus). 29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 3 S (rumicivorus).
South American Snipe                    Gallinago paraguaiae       SCOLOPACIDAE(Scolopacinae):Woodcocks,Snipes
S20/11 small lakes near Leydra 2 S. (magellanica)
Hudsonian Godwit                        Limosa haemasticta       SCOLOPACIDAE(Tringinae):Sandpipers,Curlews,Phalaropes
S29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 80 S.
Whimbrel                                Numenius phaeopus       SCOLOPACIDAE(Tringinae):Sandpipers,Curlews,Phalaropes
S20/11 along beach near Maipu River Mouth thousands S (hudsonicus).
Ruddy Turnstone                         Arenaria interpres      SCOLOPACIDAE(Tringinae):Sandpipers,Curlews,Phalaropes
S20/11 along coast near El Tabo 10 S. 22/11 Alicran Peninsula 50 S. 25/11 same 50 S.(morinella)
Surfbird                                Aphriza virgata     SCOLOPACIDAE(Tringinae):Sandpipers,Curlews,Phalaropes
S20/11 along coast near El Tabo 10 S.
Sanderling                              Calidris alba          SCOLOPACIDAE(Tringinae):Sandpipers,Curlews,Phalaropes
 S20/11 along beach near Maipu River Mouth 2000 S.
White-rumped Sandpiper                  Calidris fuscicollis        SCOLOPACIDAE(Tringinae):Sandpipers,Curlews,Phalaropes
 S29/11 north of Punta Arenas 300 S.
Baird's Sandpiper                       Calidris bairdii      SCOLOPACIDAE(Tringinae):Sandpipers,Curlews,Phalaropes
S20/11 along beach near Maipu River Mouth 6 S. 29/11 North of Punta Arenas 200 S. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 30 S.

American Oystercatcher                  Haematopus palliatus   HARADRIIDAE(Recurvirostrinae,Haematopodini):Oystercatchers
S20/11 coast near El Tabo 4 S. 22/11 & 25/11 Alicran Peninsula 6 S (palliatus)
Blackish Oystercatcher                  Haematopus ater   CHARADRIIDAE(Recurvirostrinae,Haematopodini):Oystercatcher
S22/11 and 25/11 Alicran Peninsula 30 S each day.
Magellanic Oystercatcher           Haematopusleucopodus  CHARADRIIDAE(Recurvirostrinae,Haematopodini):Oystercatchers
S28/11 south of Punta Arenas 10 S. 29/11 north of P.A. 10 S. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 6 S. 1/12 south of Punta Arenas 6 to Torres del Paine 4 S. 2/12 Torres del Paine 8 S.
White-backed Stilt         Haemantopus melanurus      CHARADRIIDAE(Recurvirostrinae,Recurvirostrini):Avocets,Stilt
S20/11 20 S.
Grey Plover                             Pluvialis squatarola            CHARADRIIDAE(Charadriinae):Plovers,Lapwings
S20/11 along beach 4 S.
Collared Plover                         Charadrius collaris                      CHARADRIIDAE(Charadriinae):Plovers,Lapwings
S20/11 along beach 7 S.
Two-banded Plover                       Charadrius falklandicus                CHARADRIIDAE(Charadriinae):Plovers,Lapwings
S29/11 6 S Laguna de los Palos . 30/11 Laguna de los Cisnes 2 S.
Rufous-chested Plover                   Charadrius modestus              CHARADRIIDAE(Charadriinae):Plovers,Lapwings
S29/11 road to Pali-ake 2 S. Stunning views of a pair probably breeding.

Tawny-throated Dotterel                 Oreopholus ruficollis                 CHARADRIIDAE(Charadriinae):Plovers,Lapwings
S29/11 en route to First Narrow 5 S (ruficollis)
Diademed Sandpiper-Plover               Phegornis mitchelli        CHARADRIIDAE(Charadriinae):Plovers,Lapwings
S19/11 at El Yeso 2 adults with runner just in front of gravel turning circle.  Good pictures.
Southern Lapwing                        Vanellus chilensis                     CHARADRIIDAE(Charadriinae):Plovers,Lapwings
S20/11 trip to coast common. (chilensis). 29/11 North & Northeast of Punta Arena 30 S. 30/11 to Tierra del Fuego 10 S. 1/12 South to San Juan 20 S. Drive to P.N.Torres del Paine 30 S. 2/12 return drive 30 S.(fretensis)  3/12 drive to Ancud 20 S. 4/12 driv

Chilean Skua                            Stercorarius chilensis                          LARIDAE(Larinae,Stercorariini):Skuas,Jaegers
S28/11 drive south from Punta Arenas 5 S. 29/11 Drive North & Northeast of P.A. 1 S. 30/11 trip to Porvenir 5 S. 1/12 Drive South of P.A. 2 S. 3/12 Ferry to Chiloe 2 S.
Black Skimmer                           Rynchops niger                                  LARIDAE(Larinae,Rynchopini):Skimmers
S20/11 beach near Maipu River Mouth 50 S (?cinerascens)
Dolphin Gull                            Larus scoresbii                                 LARIDAE(Larinae,Larini):Gulls
 S28/11 driving south from Punta Arenas 4 S. 29/11 near First Narrows 1 S. 30/11 to Tierra del Fuego 10 S. 1/12 South of Punta Arenas 3 S.
Band-tailed Gull                        Larus belcheri                                  LARIDAE(Larinae,Larini):Gulls
S20/11 coast near Santiago 10 S. 22/11 Alicran Peninsula 20 S.
Grey Gull                               Larus modestus                                  LARIDAE(Larinae,Larini):Gulls                               S20/11 coast near Santiago 6 S.
Kelp Gull                               Larus dominicanus                               LARIDAE(Larinae,Larini):Gulls                               S20/11 coast near Santiago hundreds S.22/11 Alicran Peninsula 50 S. 28/11 south of Punta Arenas thousands S. 29/11 North & Northeast of P.A. 500 S. 30/11 to Tierra del Fuego 100 S. 3/12 ferry to Chiloe hundreds S.
Andean Gull                             Larus serranus                                  LARIDAE(Larinae,Larini):Gulls                               S24/11 Putre to L.Chungara 100 S. 25/11 same 40 S. 27/11 Lagos Miscanti & Munique 50 S.
Franklin's Gull                         Larus pipixcan                                  LARIDAE(Larinae,Larini):Gulls                               S20/11 coast near Santiago thousands S.
South American Tern                     Sterna hirundinacea                             LARIDAE(Larinae,Sternini):Terns                             S20/11 coast near Santiago 2 S. 28/11 south of Punta Arenas 300 S. 29/11 north of P.A.100 S. 30/11 to and from Tierra del Fuego 20 S. 1/12 South of P.A. 100 S. 3/12 Ferry Crossing to Chiloe thousands S.
Inca Tern                               Larosterna inca                                 LARIDAE(Larinae,Sternini):Terns                             S20/11 coast near Santiago 40 S.
Cinereous Harrier                       Circus cinereus   ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles
S29/11 On road to First Narrow 2 S. 1/12 on drive to Torres del Paine 2 S. 2/12 on return to P.A. 1 S.

Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle             Geranoaetus melanoleucus   ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles                     S19/11 near El Yeso 1 S. 2/12 Torres del Paine 2 S. (australis)
White-throated Hawk                     Buteo albigula    ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles
S19/11 on way to El Yeso 1 S (imm.) 21/11 Rio Los Cipreses N.P. 1 S.
Red-backed Hawk                         Buteo polyosoma  ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles
S21/11 Rio Los Cipreses N.P. 1 S. 24/11 Lauca N.P. 2 S. 25/11 Lauca N/P/ 2 S. 7/12 Laguna Los Lajos 2 S. 9/12 Nahuabutel 1 S. 10/11 same 1 S. (polyosoma)
Rufous-tailed Hawk                      Buteo ventralis        ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles
S6/12 on last drive up to Antillanca 2 S. On first occasion, I was playing Magellanic Woodpecker call, and got a Buteo scream in response. The bird then glided overhead. What luck!
Southern Caracara                       Caracara plancus          FALCONIDAE(Caracarinae):Caracaras
S29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 4 S. 1/12 South to San Juan 1 S. drive north to Torres del Paine 10 S. 2/12  return drive 15 S. 6/12 to Antillance 5 S.
Chimango Caracara                       Milvago chimango  FALCONIDAE(Caracarinae):Caracaras
S20/11 to coast common. 21/11 5 S. (chimango) 28/11 south of Punta Arenas 1 S. 29/11 2 S. 1/12 south of P.A. 10 S. drive to Torres del Paine 20 S. 2/12 return drive 20 S.  3/12 drive to Ancud 20 S.  4/12 drive to Puyehue 20 S. 5/12 Antillanca 4 S. 6/12 dr

American Kestrel                        Falco sparverius              FALCONIDAE(Falconinae,Falconini):True Falcons
S21/11 P.N.Rio los Cipreses 1 S. 1/12 drive north to Torres del Paine 1 S. 6/12 Puyehue 3 S. 11 & 12/12 road to Las Truncas 6 S. (cinnamominus)
Aplomado Falcon                         Falco femoralis           FALCONIDAE(Falconinae,Falconini):True Falcons
S29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 1 S. 8/12 Laguna Los Lajos 2 S. (femoralis)
Peregrine Falcon                        Falco peregrinus               FALCONIDAE(Falconinae,Falconini):True Falcons
S29/11 cliffs of coast 2 "kreyenborgi". (cassini)
White-tufted Grebe                      Rollandia rolland      PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes
S20/11 El Tabo 2 S.21/11 Sewage farm near Batuco 50 S.2/12 Torres del Paine 1 S (chilensis)
Pied-Billed Grebe                       Podilymbus podiceps                             PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes                                        S20/11 El Tabo 2 S. (antarcticus)
Great Grebe                             Podiceps major                                  PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes                                        S19/11 Small lakes near Leydra 20 S. (major) 2/12 Torres del Paine 4 S (navasi)
Silvery Grebe                           Podiceps occipitalis      PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes
S21/11 Sewage farm near Batuco 20 S. 2/3 Torres del Paine 20 S.
Junin Grebe                             Podiceps juninensis                             PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes                                        S24/11 small lakes in Lauca 10 S. 25/11 same 20 S.
Peruvian Booby                          Sula variegata                   SULIDAE:Boobies,Gannets
S20/11 coast near Santiago 1 S. 22/11 off Arica 300 S.
Neotropic Cormorant                     Phalacrocorax brasilianus    PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants
S20/11 20 S.(brasilianus)
Guanay Cormorant                        Phalacrocorax bougainvillii   PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants
S22/11 Alicran Peninsula 30 S.
Imperial Shag                           Phalacrocorax atriceps  PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants
S30/11 old pier in Punta Arenas plus a few offshore 400 S. 1/12 same 400 S.(white-cheeked form)  3/12 Ferry to Chiloe 10 S (black-cheeked form).4/12 return ferry 2 S.

Rock Shag                               Phalacrocorax magellanicus   PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants
S28/11 coast south of Punta Arenas 10 S. 29/11 coast north of P.A. 20 S.30/11 Ferry to Porvenir 10 S. 1/12 south of P.A. 20 S. 4/12 return ferry from Chiloe 1 S.
Red-legged Cormorant                    Phalacrocorax gaimardi   PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants
S20/11 coast near Santiago 10 S.
Snowy Egret                             Egretta thula                                   ARDEIDAE:Herons,Bitterns,Egrets                             S25/11 Lauca 1 S. (brewsteri)
Great Egret                             Ardea alba                                      ARDEIDAE:Herons,Bitterns,Egrets
S7/12 Laguna del Laja N.P. 1 S. (egretta)
Cattle Egret                            Bubulcus ibis                                   ARDEIDAE:Herons,Bitterns,Egrets                             S20/11 on way to coast 10 S.
Black-crowned Night-Heron               Nycticorax nycticorax    ARDEIDAE:Herons,Bitterns,Egrets
S25/11 Lauca 1 S. (hoactli) 29/11 North of Punta Arenas 2 S. 1/12 South of P.A. 1 S. (obscurus)
Chilean Flamingo                        Phoenicopterus chilensis                        PHOENICOPTERIDAE:Flamingos   
S24/11 Lauca esp. Lake Chungara 400 S. 2/12 Torres del Paine 3 S.
Andean Flamingo                         Phoenicopterus andinus    PHOENICOPTERIDAE:Flamingos
S25/11 Lauca 1 S.
White-faced Ibis                        Plegadis chihi                                  THRESKIORNITHIDAE:Ibises,Spoonbills                         S4/12 on road to Puyehue 4 S.
Puna Ibis                               Plegadis ridgwayi                               THRESKIORNITHIDAE:Ibises,Spoonbills                         S24/11 Lauca N.P. 6 S. 25/11 Lauca N.P. 4 S.
Black-faced Ibis                        Theristicus melanopis    THRESKIORNITHIDAE:Ibises,Spoonbills
SVery common in South. 28/11 50 S. 29/11 50 S. 30/11 20 S. 1/12 300 S. 2/12 200 S. 4/12 100 S. 6/12 500 S. 8/12 4 S. 9/12 6 S.
Peruvian Pelican                        Pelecanus thagus   PELECANIDAE(Pelecaninae):Pelicans
S20/11 coast near Santiago 40 S. 22/11 off Arica 30 S.
Black Vulture                           Coragyps atratus         CICONIIDAE(Cathartinae):New World Vultures
S4/12 Drive to Puyehue 50 S. 10/12 Angol 1 S.(foetens)
Turkey Vulture                          Cathartes aura         CICONIIDAE(Cathartinae):New World Vultures
S19/11 on route to Yeso 10 S. 6/12 on drive to Puerto Montt 1 S. 10/12 Angol 2 S. (jota)
Andean Condor                           Vultur gryphus           CICONIIDAE(Cathartinae):New World Vultures
S1/12 perched on cliff side on the way to Los Cumbres 9 S.  2/12 flying in Torres del Paine 2 S.
Magellanic Penguin                      Spheniscus magellanicus                         SPHENISCIDAE:Penguins   
S30/12 Ferry trip to Porvenir 30 S.
Southern Giant-Petrel                   Macronectes giganteus     PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters          S28/11 of coast south of Punta Arenas 2 S, 29/11 off First Narrows 2 S.
Southern Fulmar                         Fulmarus glacialoides    PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters
S28/11 coast south of Punta Arenas 1 S. 1/12 coast south of P.A. 40 S.
White-chinned Petrel                    Procellaria aequinoctialis    PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters
S28/11 off coast south of Punta Arenas 1 S. 30/11 Ferry to Porvenir 8 S.
Magellanic Diving-Petrel                Pelecanoides magellani     PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters          S30/11 ferry trip to Porvenir 9 S.
Common Diving-Petrel                    Pelecanoides urinatrix    PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters          S3/12 ferry trip to Chiloe 2 S.
Wandering Albatross                     Diomedea exulans    PROCELLARIIDAE(Diomedeinae):Albatrosses
S30/12 off-shore from Punta Arenas 1 S. (exulans)
Black-browed Albatross                  Thalassarche melanophris    PROCELLARIIDAE(Diomedeinae):Albatrosses                     S28/11 off coast south of Punta Arenas 20 S. 30/11 Ferry trip to Porvenir 20 S. (melanophris)
Wilson's Storm-Petrel                   Oceanites oceanicus   PROCELLARIIDAE(Hydrobatinae):Storm-Petrels
S30/11 ferry trip to Porvenir 1 S.  
White-crested Elaenia                   Elaenia albiceps          TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S21/11 P.N.Rio Los Cipreses 1 S. 22/11 Putre 4 S. 5/12 Aguas Calientes and Antillanca 20 S. 6/12 Same 15 S. 8/12 Laguna del Laja 6 S.9/12 Nahuelbuta 10 S. 10/12 same 20 S. 11 & 12/12 Las Truncas 20 S. (chilensis)
Yellow-billed Tit-Tyrant                Anairetes flavirostris                   TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S24/11 early near Putre 1 S. (flavirostris)
Tufted Tit-Tyrant                       Anairetes parulus           TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S19/11 en route to El Yeso 1 S. 5/12 along road to Antillanca 2 S. (parulus)
Fire-eyed Diucon                        Xolmis pyrope             TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S21/11 in gorge near Cordova 3 S. 28/11 south of Punta Arenas 1 S.  2/12 in Torres del Paine (pyrope) 3/12 near Ancud 1 S. (fortis) 6/12 to Antillanca 1 S. 9/12 Nahuelbuta 2 S. 10/12 Nahuelbuta 6 S. 11/12 Las Truncas 3 S. (pyrope)

Chocolate-vented Tyrant                 Neoxolmis rufiventris        TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S2/12 near coast.northwest of Punta Delgada 1 S.     

White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant              Agriornis andicola     TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S25/11 on dirt road from Chocuyo to Parinacota 1 S. (albicauda)
Great Shrike-Tyrant                     Agriornis livida               TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S6/12 right on shoulder of highest point on road to Laguna Los Lajos.  Seen very well for extended period. 1 S. (livida)

Spot-billed Ground-Tyrant               Muscisaxicola maculirostris       TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S23/11 Putre 2 S. 24/11 Lauca 10 S. 27/11 Laguna Miscante 6 S. (maculirostris)
Cinnamon-bellied Ground-Tyrant          Muscisaxicola capistrata      TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S29/11 northwest of Punta Delgada 5 S.
White-browed Ground-Tyrant              Muscisaxicola albilora         TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S19/11 El Yeso 10 S. 5/12 Crater Ruehhwen 5 S.
White-fronted Ground-Tyrant             Muscisaxicola albifrons          TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S24/11 Lauca 1 S. 25/11 Lauca 2 S.
Ochre-naped Ground-Tyrant               Muscisaxicola flavinucha   TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S19/11 El Yeso 1 S.(flavinucha)
Black-fronted Ground-Tyrant             Muscisaxicola frontalis          TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S19/11 El Yeso 1 S.
Andean Negrito                          Lessonia oreas           TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S24/11 Lauca 6 S. 25/11 Lauca 3 S.
Patagonian Negrito                      Lessonia rufa           TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S19/11 El Yeso 3 S. From 28/11 to 4/12 ca 20 S every day.
Spectacled Tyrant                       Hymenops perspicillatus    TYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant Flycatchers
S20/11 in reeds near mouth of Maipu River 1 male. Superb.
Rufous-tailed Plantcutter               Phytotoma rara           TYRANNIDAE(Cotinginae):Cotingas,Plantcutters,Sharpbill
S23/11 valley behind Putre 1 S. 1/12 near Las Cumbres 2 males S. 9/12 Nahuelbuta 2 S.
Common Miner                            Geositta cunicularia       FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S29/11 Northeast of Punta Arenas 3 S. (cunicularia)
Greyish Miner                           Geositta maritima       FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S24/11 outskirts of Putre 2 S. 25/11 same 2 S.
Puna Miner                              Geositta punensis      FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S24/11 Lauca 1 S.
Short-billed Miner                      Geositta antarctica                             FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S30/11 on Tierra del Fuego near Laguna Los Cisnes 4 S.
Rufous-banded Miner                     Geositta rufipennis                         FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S19/11 El Yeso 4 S. 5/12 Ruehhwen Crater 1 S.
Straight-billed Earthcreeper            Upucerthia ruficauda                      FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S23/11 on way up to Putre and in Valley behind Putre 4 S. 24/11 on way up to Lauca 1 S. (ruficauda)

Scale-throated Earthcreeper             Upucerthia dumetaria  FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S19/11 El Yeso 3 S. (saturatior) 29/11 North of Punta Arenas 4 S (dumetaria)
White-throated Earthcreeper             Upucerthia albigula         FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S24/11 Lauca 1 S.
Plain-breasted Earthcreeper             Upucerthia jelskii            FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S19/11 near Putre 1 S.
Bar-winged Cinclodes                    Cinclodes fuscus   FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S19/11 on way to and at El Yeso 12 S. (fuscus) 24/11 Lauca 30 S. 25/11 50 S. (albiventris) 28/11 South of Punta Arenas  3 S. 29/11 North of Punta Arenas 2 S. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 2 S. (fuscus)
Grey-flanked Cinclodes                  Cinclodes oustaleti                          FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S19/11 on way to and at El Yeso 6 S (oustaleti)
Dark-bellied Cinclodes                  Cinclodes patagonicus                     FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S19/11 on way to and at El Yeso 6 S. (chilensis) 28/11 South of Punta Arenas 1 S. 1/12 South of P.A. 1 S. (patagonicus) 3/12 Chiloe west of Ancud 1 S. (chilensis)
White-winged Cinclodes                  Cinclodes atacamensis   FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S25/11 on road from Chocuyo to Parinacota 1 S (atacamensis)
Crag Chilia@                            Chilia melanura                                 FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S19/11 on road just below El Yeso 6 S. Fantastic and prolonged views. (melanura)
Des Murs's Wiretail                     Sylviorthorhynchus desmursii            FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S19/11 in gorge near Cordova 1 S. Shy.
Thorn-tailed Rayadito                   Aphrastura spinicauda                      FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S20/11 gorge near Cordova 4 S. (spinicauda) 3/12 Chiloe west of Ancud 4 S. (fulva) 5/12 on road to Antillanca 6 S. 6/12 same 4 S. 9/12 Nahuelbuta 6 S. 10/12 same 10 S, 11/12 Las Truncas 6 S (spinicauda)
Tufted Tit-Spinetail                    Leptasthenura platensis                      FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S20/11 gorge near Cordova 3 S.
Plain-mantled Tit-Spinetail             Leptasthenura aegithaloides           FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S19/11 on road to El Yeso 1 S. (aegithaloides) 23/11 Putre 2 S. (grisescens) 30/11 Tierra del Fuego (pallida)

Lesser Canastero                        Asthenes pyrrholeuca  FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S19/11 near HQ at El Yeso 3 S. 29/11 Buquequemado 2 S. (affinis)
Cordilleran Canastero                   Asthenes modesta  FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S24/11 Lauca 2 S. 25/11 Lauca 10 S. (modesta) 8/12 Laguna del Laja 2 S. (australis)
Dusky-tailed Canastero                  Asthenes humicola    FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S19/11 on way up to El Yeso 1 S. 20/11 gorge near Cordova 1 S. (humicola)
Austral Canastero                       Asthenes anthoides    FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds
S29/11 near Buquequemado 2 S well.
White-throated Treerunner               Pygarrhichas albogularis               FURNARIIDAE(Furnariinae):Ovenbirds                          S1/12 San Juan 1 S. 9/12 Nahuelbuta 1 S.
Black-throated Huet-huet                Pteroptochos tarnii      RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos
S4/12 ca 50 m beyond the 20 km speed sign near start of road up to Antillanca 2 S. Very responsive to tape. 5/12 many H. 6/12 up to Antillanca 1 S many H. 9 & 10/12 Nahuelbuta several H.
Chestnut-throated Huet-huet             Pteroptochos castaneus     RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos
S11/12 3 H near our cabana. 12/12 along road just below cabana 1 S standing in low growth beside road. Not responsive to Black-throated Huet-huet tape. Typically would answer once then remain silent.
Moustached Turca@                       Pteroptochos megapodius    RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos
S19/11 along road just below El Yeso 5 S. Spectacular.
White-throated Tapaculo@                Scelorchilus albicollis                    RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos                                    S20/11 gorge near Cordova 1 S scurrying between bushes, 3 H. (albicollis)
Chucao Tapaculo                         Scelorchilus rubecula     RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos
S4/12 lower Antillanca road several H. 5/12 Antillanca road 2 S many H. 6/12 one ran across the path near out cabana 1 S many H. 9 & 19 Nahuabutel many H. (rubecula)
Ochre-flanked Tapaculo                  Eugralla paradoxa    RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos
H4/12 Puyehue along road below Agues Calientes 1 H. 10 Nahuabutel 1 H.
Andean Tapaculo                         Scytalopus magellanicus     RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos
S19/11 in rocks to right of turn-around area at El Yeso. 1 S.
Dusky Tapaculo                          Scytalopus fuscus  RHINOCRYPTIDAE:Tapaculos      
S20/11 gorge near Cordova 1 S 4 H.
Chiguanco Thrush                        Turdus chiguanco        MUSCICAPIDAE(Turdinae):True Thrushes
S24/11 Putre 2 S (anthracinus)
Austral Thrush                          Turdus falcklandii             MUSCICAPIDAE(Turdinae):True Thrushes
S18/11 on walk around Las Condes 4 S. 19/11 to El Yeso common.5/12 road to and around Antillanca 20 S. 5/12 to Antillanca common 6/12 same common. 11/12 Las truncas 5 S. (magellanicus)
Chilean Mockingbird@                    Mimus thenca               STURNIDAE(Mimini):Mockingbirds,Thrashers,Catbirds
S19/11 on road to El Yeso common. 21/11 on road to Rio las Cipreses common.7/12 around Antuco 10 S. 8/12 same 20 S.  9/12 road to Nahuelbuta 20 S. 10/12 same 10 S. 11/12 road to Las Truncas 6 S.
Southern House Wren                     Troglodytes musculus    CERTHIIDAE(Troglodytinae):Wrens
S19/11 along road to El Yeso 6 S. 3/12 Chiloe west of Ancud 2 S. 4/12 near Aguas Calientes 2 S.  5/12 same 6 S. 6/12 same 5 S. 9/12 Nahuelbuta 2 S. (chilensis)
Chilean Swallow                         Tachycineta meyeni     HIRUNDINIDAE(Hirundininae):Swallows
S19/11 along road to El Yeso 30 S.  1/12 S of Punta Arenas 6 S. 3/12 Chiloe 20 S. 4/12  Puyehue 20 S. 5/12 same 20 S. 6/12 same 20 S. 7/12 Laguna del Laja 10 S. 8/12 same 50 S. 9/12 Nahuelbuta 4 S. 10/12 same 10 S. 11/12 road to Las Truncas 6 S.

Blue-and-white Swallow                  Notiochelidon cyanoleuca           HIRUNDINIDAE(Hirundininae):Swallows                         S19/11 around El Yeso 20 S. 27/11 Laguna Miscanti 20 S. 1/12 South of Punta Arenas 20 S. 2/12 Torres del Paine 6 S. 7/12 Laguna del Laja 5 S. 9/12 same 12 S. (patagonica)
House Sparrow                           Passer domesticus    PASSERIDAE(Passerinae):Sparrows,Rock-Sparrows
S27/11 San pedro de Atacama and Calama common.
Correndera Pipit                        Anthus correndera          PASSERIDAE(Motacillinae):Wagtails,Pipits
S20/11 near coast 6 S. 1/12 Las Cumbres 2 S. (chilensis)
Black-chinned Siskin                    Carduelis barbata    FRINGILLIDAE(Fringillinae,Carduelini):Goldfinches,Crossbills
S20/11 gorge near Cordova 2 (male & female) S. 28/11 South of Punta Arenas 40 S. 8/12 Laguna del Laja 20 S. 9/12 same 10 S.

Black Siskin                            Carduelis atrata       FRINGILLIDAE(Fringillinae,Carduelini):Goldfinches,Crossbills
S27/11 near Socaire 4 S
Yellow-rumped Siskin                    Carduelis uropygialis   FRINGILLIDAE(Fringillinae,Carduelini):Goldfinches,Crossbills
S19/11 near HQ for El Yeso 4 S. 23/11 Putre 10 S. 24/11 Putre 4 S.
Rufous-collared Sparrow                 Zonotrichia capensis FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Emberizini):Buntings,Longspurs     Scommon in most locations (antofagastae, chilensis and australis)
Grey-hooded Sierra-Finch                Phrygilus gayi FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers
S19/11 around El Yeso 20 S. 23/11 Putre 1 S. (gayi) 29/11 North of Punta Arenas 4 S 1/12 Las Cumbres  2 S. 3/12 (caniceps)  4/12 Puyehue (gayi)

Patagonian Sierra-Finch                 Phrygilus patagonicus  FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S1/12 San Juan 2 S (male & female). 5/12 Antillanca 10 S. 6/12 same 10 S.
Mourning Sierra-Finch                   Phrygilus fruticeti   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers
S19/11 El Yeso 10 S. 23/11 Putre 10 S. 24/11 Putre and Lauca 20 S. 25/11 Putre & Lauca common. 28/11 South of Punta Arenas 10 S. 29/11 North of P.A. 1 S. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 10 S. 1/12 Las Cumbres 10 S. 2/12 Torres del Paine 10 S. 7/12 Laguna del Laja

Plumbeous Sierra-Finch                  Phrygilus unicolor   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers
S19/11 El Yeso 4 S.
Band-tailed Sierra-Finch                Phrygilus alaudinus   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S19/11 near El Yeso 1 S. 21/11 Rio Los Cipreses 2 S. (alaudinus) 23/11 Putre 1 S (bipartitus)

Canary-winged Finch                     Melanodera melanodera FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S29/11 along road to Pali-Ake 10 S.
Yellow-bridled Finch                Melanodera xanthogramma  FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers
S7/12 Laguna del Laja 1 S high on a scree slope at highest point.
White-winged Diuca-Finch                Diuca speculifera   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S24/11 Lauca 30 S.
Common Diuca-Finch                      Diuca diuca   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers
S19/11 along road to El Yeso common. 7/12 Laguna del Laja 10 S. 8/12 same 20 S. 9/12 Nuahelbuta 20 S. 10/12 same 30 S. (diuca)

Slender-billed Finch                    Xenospingus concolor   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S22/11 perched on power line above lantana in village of Azapa 1 S. 25/11 upper Lluta Valley 3 S.

Bright-rumped Yellow-Finch              Sicalis uropygialis   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S25/11 Putre 6 S.
Greater Yellow-Finch                    Sicalis auriventris   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S19/11 around HQ at El Yeso 10 S.
Patagonian Yellow-Finch                 Sicalis lebruni  FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers
S29/11 North of Punta Arenas 2 S.
Misto Yellow-Finch                      Sicalis luteiventris   FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S21/11 in grassland near Sewage Farm at Batuco 10 S.
Chestnut-throated Seedeater             Sporophila telasco  FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Thraupini):Tanagers,Flowerpiercers S23/11 10 S and 25/11 6 S both in upper Lluta Valley
Golden-billed Saltator                  Saltator aurantiirostris                FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Cardinalini):Cardinals             S23/11 Putre 1 S.
Yellow-winged Blackbird                 Agelaius thilius              FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Icterini):New World Blackbirds     S21/11 at sewage farm near Batuco 2 S (thilius). 2/12 Torres del Paine 10 S (petersi)
Long-tailed Meadowlark                  Sturnella loyca                  FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Icterini):New World Blackbirds     S19/11 on road to El Yeso 5 S. 21/11 on road to Rio Los Cipreses 10 S. 28/11 South of Punta Arenas 1 S. 29/11 North of P.A.10 S. 30/11 Tierra del Fuego 6 S. 1/12 south of P.A. 4 S. 2/12 drive back to P.A. 10 S. 4/12 drive to Puyehue 3 S. 8/12 around Antu

Austral Blackbird                       Curaeus curaeus                     FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Icterini):New World Blackbirds     S19/11 on road to El Yeso 20 S. 21/11 Rio Los Cipreses 20 S. 28/12 South of Punta Arenas  2 S. 1.12 same 2 S. 5/12 road to Antillanca 8 S. 6/12 same 6 S. 7/12 around Antuco 2 S. 8/12 same 4 S. 9/12 Nahuelbuta 2 S. 10/12 same 6 S. 11/12 Las truncas 4 S.

Shiny Cowbird                           Molothrus bonariensis            FRINGILLIDAE(Emberizinae,Icterini):New World Blackbirds     S19/11 on road to El Yeso 10 S.