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16 June 1997

Our friend Jack Dineen returned from Peru earlier this month and asked us to post a notice about the guide he used, named Tino Aucca Chutas..  Jack gives him an unqualified recommendation and says he is superb.  Tino is a Quechua Peruvian with a university degree.  He has extensive knowledge of the birds, plants, archaeology and history of his country.

For further information you may either call or write to Jack at his home:

          Jack Dineen
          P. O. Box 8
          Inverness CA 94937
          U. S. A.
          Phone (415) 669-7280  (call only between 5 PM & 9 PM Pacific time)

Or you may contact Tino directly:

          Tino Aucca Chutas
          URB.TTIO Q-J-J3
          Pasaje "Uriel Garcia"
          Cusco, Peru
          Phone (084) 235850

Cindy & Les Lieurance
San Francisco, California  U.S.A.