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10 -21 APRIL 1999

by Richard Ives

These tropical islands are more akin to the South American mainland than to the rest of the Caribbean hence the large diversity of species which makes these islands the perfect springboard into neotropical birds.  We were on an organised trip & had an excellent guide: Kenny whose sharp hearing ensured that many shy species were picked up & his "pishing"worked far better than ours.

The hotels were very different; the small & somewhat spartan Pax against the rather opulentBlue waters on Tobago- however the former was very welcoming and we must thank Gerard & his wife for their wonderful hospitality and the superb food which they provided.  Gerard's keen eyesight also meant that very few birds passed over the terrace without his noticing- (there were no active ornithologists at the Blue Waters).  The Pax has an incredible balcony from where many excellent species could be seen.  The garden will be improved over the next few years and the number of hummingbirds is bound to increase.  The numbers of raptors was incredible and the sky was never empty.  Future plans include low level lighting in the undergrowth so that owls can be seen as they hunt the forest edge- that will be an exciting addition to the total birding experience especially as we heard Spectacled Owls on numerous occasions.

Trinidad's central belt is highly populated and the view from the Pax southwards shows a very developed area - fortunately development has not encroached too far up the valley & so the Pax marks the beginnings of the wilderness.  Little Tinamous plaintive wail is heard at dawn & dusk & the raucous call of the parrots is never far away.  The feeders are visited by numerous species and the Pax is probably the easiest place to watch a host of Hummingbirds and Tanagers.  We found Double tooth Kite nesting a few hundred yards away from the balcony!  The Pax along with its more famous rival, Asa Wright, do provide the perfect way to watch the colourful species which abound on Trinidad.

Tobago is a beautiful island & the NE corner apart from three hotels is very under developed.  Seabirds are prolific- Frigatebirds replace the Turkey & Black Vultures of Trinidad to dominate the skyways.  The Great Black Hawk is the largest raptor on the island & can be seen circling over the forests at various points on the island.  As Tobago has geared itself up for tourism the prices are higher and this should be taken into consideration when planning a trip to this area of the Caribbean.  The locals are extremely friendly & very helpful - the local guides are superb and well worth hiring as birding is not easy.

Both islands are very attractive and teem with a large number of beautiful birds - the flycatchers and elaneas always prove very tricky.  On Trinidad, small passerines: seedeaters & finches are almost impossible to find as they have been hunted (i.e.  caged) to the verge of extinction - the smaller parrots have also faired little better away from the reserves.  Hopefully through education and the growth of green tourism people will respect the environment more & threatened species will be given the safeguards they desperately need.

Our Itinerary

1. Barbados Airport 10th April  (20 minutes on the tarmac)

1 Lesser Antillian Bullfinch, 1 Cattle Egret, Carib Grackle 10

2. Pax & Donkey Trail 11th April

Montain rain forest & forest edge species abound.  The feeders at the Pax are visited by numerous species of hummingbirds.  The paths are fairly wide and the area has numerous breeding raptors including Double toothed Kite, White & Short tailed Hawk.  Vultures appear in their 100's and in the winter a pair of Bat Falcons roost on a nearby spire!  Hummingbirds use the feeders & the flower borders for their needs.  Unseen creeatures include 2 species of Nightjar, Spectacled Owl & Tropical Screech Owl.  Superb place.

Little Tinamou calling, Tropical Screech-Owl calling, Bananaquit (common), Orange-winged Parrot (common), Crested Oropendola c , Gray Hawk 2, Double-toothed Kite nesting near Pax, Plumbeous Kite 3, Zone-tailed Hawk 1, Common Black Hawk  daily sightings, Short-tailed Hawk almost daily, White Hawk 2, Green Hermit 2, White-tailed Trogon 1, Black-throated Mango nesting Pax, Ruby-topaz Hummingbird daily, Tufted Coquett daily, Blue-chinned Sapphire almost daily, White-chested Emerald almost daily Copper-rumped Hummingbird common, Long-billed Starthroat almost daily, Purple Honeycreeper seen most days, Lineated Woodpecker 2, Buff-throated Woodcreeper heard most days, Piratic Flycatcher 2, Boat-billed Flycatcher 3 sightings, Streaked Flycatcher common, Great Kiskadee very common, Tropical Kingbird very common, Yellow-breasted Flycatcher 3 records, Yellow-bellied Elaenia a couple of records, Forest Elaenia 2 records, Southern Beardless Tyrannulet 3, Ochre-bellied Flycatcher 1, Golden-headed Manakin 4, White-bearded Manakin 2, Golden-crowned Warbler 1, Ruddy Ground-Dove common, Blue-black Grassquit (common), House Wren  (common), Tropical Mockingbird (common), Yellow Oriole (common), Blue-gray Tanager (common), Palm Tanager (common), Silver-beaked Tanager (common), White-lined Tanager c Trinidad Euphonia 1, Violaceous Euphonia 4, Turquoise Tanager 3, Blue Dacnis 2, Grayish Saltator (common), Streaked Saltator 1 Short-tailed Swift (common), Gray-breasted Martin (common), Southern Rough-winged Swallow (common), Magnificent Frigatebird 3, Pauraque H, Rufous Nightjar H, Bare-eyed Thrush (common), Gray throated Leaftosser 1 , Long-billed Gnatwren 2, Scaled Pigeon fairly common, Common Ground-Dove 2, Tropical Parula 1, Golden-fronted Greenlet 1  72 species

3.  Aripo Cattle Station, Manzanilla Beach, Nariva Swamp & Cocos Bay 12th April

Area of lowland with a few marshy fields - specialities include Tyrants, Blackbirds, and a few waders.  The Savannah areas do hold specialist species.  Manzanilla beach is very picturesque with palms - sea passage was quiet but Terns, pelicans & Frigatebirds are fairly common.  A roost of Red bellied Macaws is exciting to watch.  Nariva swamps hold Giant Cowbirds & Pinnated Bittern

Smooth-billed Ani (common), Fork-tailed Palm-Swift fairly common near palms, Rufous-browed Peppershrike 2, White-winged Swallow (common),Yellow-hooded Blackbird (common), Red-breasted Blackbird (common), Savanna Hawk 4, Long-winged Harrier 1 (1st for that site), Yellow-headed Caracara fairly common, Pinnated Bittern 1, Wattled Jacana 40+, Southern Lapwing fairly widespread, Least Sandpiper 4, Forster's Tern 1 offshore (rare), Brown Noddy 1 offshore, Red-bellied Macaw 100+, Green-rumped Parrotlet 10, Yellow-throated Spinetail 2, Pied Water-Tyrant 6, White-headed Marsh-Tyrant 6, Fork-tailed Flycatcher 2, Black-crested Antshrike 1, Red-rumped Woodpecker (H), Great Antshrike(H), Bicolored Conebill 2, Shiny Cowbird (common), Giant Cowbird 45, Scrub Flycatcher 1    79 species

4.  Asa Wright & Blanchisseuse Road 13th April

Superb centre with many birds coming to the feeders & bird table.  Bellbirds, Oilbirds & Ornate hawk eagle are the stars.  The highest point of the road gives a wonderful vista & birds can be flying across the various breaks in the forest.  Good birding can be had from walking the road either way from the watershed which lies about 2 miles above the Asa Wright centre.

Rufous-breasted Hermit 2, Gray-rumped Swift (common), Band-rumped Swift (common), White-necked Jacobin 8, Blue tailed Emerald 1, Red-legged Honeycreeper 4, Green Honeycreeper 6, Bay-headed Tanager 4, Bearded Bellbird 2, Ornate Hawk-Eagle 2, Squirrel Cuckoo 1, Lilac-tailed Parrotlet 2, Blue-headed Parrot 4, Chestnut Woodpecker 1, Golden-olive Woodpecker 1, Collared Trogon 2, Violaceous Trogon 1 Rufous-breasted Wren 2, Cocoa Thrush widespread, Channel billed Toucan 2, Tropical Pewee 1, Swallow-Tanager 3, Blue-crowned Motmot 2, Northern-Waterthrush 1, American Redstart 1 fm.

5.  Arima Road & Reserve, Wallerfield Airbase & Sewage Farm 14th April

The former site is excellent for Pearl Kite & other Savannah specialities.  The deserted airbase has a colony of Palm Swifts & does hold Sulphery Flycatcher.  The Moriche Oriole is hard to find & we were not successful in our search.  The Arima reserve is lowland forest & there are a few good species using the forest floor.  The sewage works provides shelter for Jacanas & holds Yellow billed terns.  We also recorded Saffron Finch, Ringed Kingfisher & a few wader species there .  Pearl Kite 1, Barred Antshrike 2, Purple Gallinule 2, Saffron Finch 3, White-bellied Antbird 1, Sulphury Flycatcher 1, Yellow-rumped Cacique 20+, White-shouldered Tanager 2, Gray-headed Kite Least Grebe 7, Yellow-billed Tern 4, Ringed Kingfisher 1 Lesser Yellowlegs 4, Greater Yellowlegs 3  85 species

6.  Asa Wright & Blanchisseuse Road 15th April

Oilbird 40+, Striped Cuckoo1, Olive-sided Flycatcher 1, Black-faced Antthrush (H), Stripe-breasted Spinetail (H) Rufous-tailed Jacamar 1, Speckled Tanager 1, Streaked Xenops 2 76 species

Waterloo Beach, Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, Rice Fields & Caroni Marsh 16th April Muddy expanse of beach which is good for waders, skimmers & Large billed Terns.  The wildfowl trust is a little disappointing as its rather like a zoo but we were assured that it fulfils its purpose as an educational centre for the population of Trinidad.  Anhinga & Olivaceous Cormorants are easily approachable here.  Red capped cardinals feed on the feeders which is a bonus.  The rice fields hold large numbers of eared Doves along with specialities such as Long winged Harrier, & Limpkin.  The Caroni Marsh is very atmospheric and the Scarlet Ibises superb.  Potoo, Boat billed Heron & Green Hermit the specialities.

Small billed Elaenia 1, Olivaceous Cormorant 4-10, Willet 1, Semipalmated Sandpiper  30+, Western Sandpiper 20+, American Whimbrel 1, Marbled Godwit 2, Arctic Skua 1N (rare record), Laughing Gull 25+, Franklin's Gull 1 N, Large-billed Tern 15+, Least Tern 4, Black Skimmer 100+, Anhinga  3, Muscovy Duck 40, Blue-winged Teal 25 rice fields, Streaked-headed Woodcreeper 1, Black-Crowned Night Heron 1 imm.  Rice fields, Yellow Crowned Night-Heron (common), Eared Dove 30, Limpkin 10, Clapper Rail (H), Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 40 +, Red-capped Cardinal 3, Gray Kingbird 1, Green-throated Mango  1 marshes, Greater Ani 2 marshes, Common Potoo 1, Boat-billed Heron  3 at late dusk,   101 species

Little Tobago 17th April

A must.  Superb island with the breeding site of Tropcbirds, Boobies and the ever present Frigatebirds looking for an easy meal.  The viewing site was made famous by Richard Attenborough's superb sequence in Life On Earth of the Frigatebirds antics as they attacked the Tropicbirds.

Caribbean Martin (common), Audibon's Shearwater 2, Red-billed Tropicbird 100+, Red-footed Booby 30+, Brown Booby 50+, White-tipped Dove common, Rufous-vented Chachalaca 40+, Brown-crested Flycatcher 1 nesting in hotel   34 species

Gilpin Trace, Tobago 18th April

A lovely path through rainforest, can be very muddy after rain.  Highlights include a Blue backed Manakin lek, Jacamar nest holes, White tailed Sabrewing territories, Venezualan Flycatcher and numerous Woodcreepers.  Havinga guide with you is a useful investment as many of the woodland species do skulk around on the forest floor - knowledge of bird calls is a very useful asset.

Venezuelan Flycatcher 1, White-tailed Sabrewing 3, Blue-backed Manakin 4-6, Red-crowned Woodpecker 1, Plain-brown Woodcreeper 1, Olivaceous Woodcreeper 1, White-necked Thrush 2, Yellow-legged Thrush 3-4, Plain Antvireo 2, Fuscous Flycatcher 1, Black-and-white Warbler 1 Pale-vented Pigeon 3, Great Black Hawk 1, Chivi Vireo 2, White-fringed Antwren 1 62 species

Blue Waters, Tobago 19th April

Black-faced Grassquit 4-5, Sooty Grassquit 1, Scrub Greenlet 3, Broad-winged Hawk 1, 48 species

Grande Riviere, North East Trinidad 20th April Unspoilt northern coast of Trinidad - superb.

The trail from the Guam site leading to a river holds some interesting species & Swallow tailed Kites provide a wonderful sight.  A donation is expected to protect the Guams - pay the owner of the house - arrive early as the birds disappear by about 8.00 in the morning to forage in the forests.

Belted Kingfisher 1, Gray-Fronted Dove 1, Silvered Antbird 4-5 near river,Common Piping-Guan 7, Pale-breasted Spinetail 1, Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl 2, Black-tailed Tityra 3, Swallow-tailed Kite 2-3, 76 species

Pax Trinidad 21st April

Lesser Swallow tailed Swift (seen regularly in the area but we overlooked them) +52 species including Chivvi Vireo, Boat billed Flycatcher, LB Gnatwren.

Little Tinamou Heard most days at Pax- one flushed on last day
Least Grebe 7 on sewage pools
Audubon's Shearwater a few recorded moving out to sea from Little Tobago at dawn
Red-billed Tropicbird very common on Little Tobago
Brown Pelican common on the coasts of Trinidad & Tobago
Red-footed Booby very common on Little Tobago
Brown Booby very common on Little Tobago
Olivaceous Cormorant recorded at Wildfowl Refuge & along coasts
Anhinga recorded at Wildfowl Refuge
Mag. Frigatebird Always overhead, very common on Tobago
Great Blue Heron 2 recorded - 1 Arima swamp, 1 NE Treinidad
Great Egret Various sightings on Trinidad
Snowy Egret Various sightings on Trinidad
Little Blue Heron Various sightings on Trinidad & Tobago
Tricolored Heron 20+ Caroni Swamp
Green-backed Heron Various sightings on Trinidad & Tobago
Cattle Egret Common
Black-C Night Heron 2 sightings: 1 ricefields, 1 Tobago
Yellow C Night-Heron Common in wet sites
Pinnated Bittern 2 sightings Arima swamp
Boat-billed Heron 3 Caroni Swamp (very late dusk)
Scarlet Ibis 400+ Caroni Swamp
Bl-b Whistling-Duck 40 Wildfowl refuge
Blue-winged Teal 25 Rice Fields
Muscovy Duck 25 Wildfowl refuge
Black Vulture Common on Trinidad, not found on Tobago
Turkey Vulture Common on Trinidad, not found on Tobago
Pearl Kite 2 sightings- breeds Arima valley 
Swallow-tailed Kite 3 NW Trinidad
Gray-headed Kite almost daily Pax
Double-toothed Kite Breeding at Pax
Plumbeous Kite Seen on 4 days in Trinidad - fairly widespread
Zone-tailed Hawk 3 records Pax
Broad-winged Hawk 1 Blue Waters Tobago
Short-tailed Hawk Common above Pax
Gray Hawk 3 views at Pax
White Hawk 1 pair at Pax
Savanna Hawk Fairly common in lowlands
Common Black Hawk Often recorded on Trinidad
Great Black Hawk 2 sightings on Tobago - near Gilpin Trace
Ornate Hawk-Eagle Nesting pair at Asa Wright
Long-winged Harrier 2 sightings: 1 Arima Marsh (1st rec.!), Rice fields Trinidad
Osprey various sites
Yellow-h Caracara Common in suitable habitat
Peregrine Falcon 4 sightings
Merlin 2 sightings. 1 Trinidad 1 Tobago
Rufous-v Chachalaca extremely common on Tobago - not present on Trinidad
Common PipGuan 7 seen at normal sight
Limpkin 8+ seen in the rice fields
Clapper Rail 1 heard Caroni swamp
Moorhen 4 Sewage works
Purple Gallinule 2 Aripo 
Wattled Jacana Common in swampy areas
Southern Lapwing Fairly widespread in savannah areas
Grey Plover 2 Waterloo beach
Semi Palmated Plov Waterloo beach
Ruddy Turnstone Waterloo beach
Solitary Sandpiper Sewage works & Waterloo - well distributed
Lesser Yellowlegs 4 sewage works
Greater Yellowlegs 2 sewage works
Spotted Sandpiper common on both islands
Willet 1 Waterloo beach
Least Sandpiper 5 Aripo on small stream
Semipalmated Sand many Waterloo beach
Western Sandpiper many Waterloo beach
American Whimbrel Waterloo beach
Marbled Godwit 2 Waterloo beach
Parasitic Jaeger 1 N Waterloo beach (rare record)
Laughing Gull many Waterloo beach & on Tobago
Franklin's Gull 1 Waterloo beach
Large-billed Tern 40 Waterloo beach
Common Tern fishing offshore Manzanilla beach
Forster's Tern 1 offshore Manzanilla beach
Yellow-billed Tern 8 sewage works
Least Tern Waterloo beach
Brown Noddy 1 offshore
Black Skimmer Waterloo beach
Scaled Pigeon Fairly widespread at Pax
Pale-vented Pigeon 6 seen on Tobago
Eared Dove 35 seen on rice fields
C Ground-Dove 1 sighting near Pax
Ruddy Ground-Dove Very Common
White-tipped Dove Common on Tobago
Gray-Fronted Dove Heard often only seen once
Red-bellied Macaw 150+ Manzanilla beach
Green-r Parrotlet Best seen at Aripo - also noted on Tobago
Lilac-tailed Parrotlet 1 sighting Northern range
Blue-headed Parrot 4 sightings in Northern Range
Orange-wing Parrot Very common
Squirrel Cuckoo 1 Asa Wright, 1 Arima reserve
Striped Cuckoo 2 seen in Northern Range
Smooth-billed Ani common around Pax
Greater Ani 3 Caroni swamp 
Trop. Screech-Owl heard every night at Pax- never seen 
Spectacled Owl heard at Pax - never seen 
Ferrug Pygmy-Owl heard at Pax - pair seen at nest hole NE trinidad
Common Potoo 1 Caroni swamps
Oilbird 40+ Asa Wright
Pauraque Heard at Pax
Rufous Nightjar Heard at Pax
Gray-rumped Swift Common at Asa Wright
Band-rumped Swift Common at Asa Wright
Short-tailed Swift Widespread species
Less Swallow T Swift Noted at Pax
Fork-t Palm-Swift Common in suitable areas
Rufous-br Hermit Found at higher elevations on both Trinidad & Toabgo
Green Hermit On the feeders at Pax
Little Hermit 1 noted NE Trinidad, often seen above Pax, no luck for us.
White-tail Sabrewing 3 Gilpin Trace Tobago
White-neck Jacobin On the feeders at Asa Wright, noted on Tobago
Green-throat Mango 1 Caroni Swamp
Black-throat Mango On the feeders at Pax
Ruby-topaz Hum On the feeders at Pax
Tufted Coquette On the feeders at Pax
Blue-chin Sapphire On the feeders at Pax
White-chest Emerald On the feeders at Pax
Blue tailed Emerald 1 On the feeders at Asa Wright
Copper-rumped Hummingbird On the feeders at Pax
Long-bill Starthroat On the feeders at Pax
White-tailed Trogon 1 Pax - others in Northern Range
Collared Trogon 1 on Northern Range
Violaceous Trogon 3 records in Northern Range
Belted Kingfisher 1 on telephone lines, NE coast Trinidad
Ringed Kingfisher 1 sewage works, 1 near Trinidad airport
Blue-crown Motmot 6 records Trinidad- common Tobago
Rufous-tail Jacamar 4 Trinidad, quite common Tobago
Channel bill Toucan 3 Northern Range- recorded 3 times
Golden-olive Woodpecker Heard twice on Trinidad 1 seen Gilpin Trace
Chestnut Woodpecker 1 on bird table Asa Wright
Lineated Woodpecker 2 near Pax, other sightings
Red-crowned Woodpecker 1 at nesthole near Gilpin trace, Tobago
Red-rumped Woodpecker Only heard twice once Trinidad & once near Gilpin trace
Plain-br Woodcreeper 2 Gilpin Trace, Tobago
Olivaceous Woodcreeper 1 Gilpin trace, Tobago
Buff-throat Woodcreeper Heard very often in the forests
Streaked-head Woodcreeper 1 Wildfowl reserve
Pale-breast Spinetail One near Guam site, NE Trinidad
Stripe-breast Spinetail 1 Gilpin trace
Yellow-thr Spinetail 4 Aripo 12th April
Streaked Xenops 2 in Arima valley
Gray thr Leaftosser 1 disturbed from nesthole near Pax
Great Antshrike only heard in Northern Range
Bl-crest Antshrike Recorded on both Trinindad & Tobago
Barred Antshrike Fairly widespread on both islands
Plain Antvireo Seen along the Gilpin Trace
Wh-fringed Antwren 3 Blue Waters, Tobago
Silvered Antbird 4 on fast flowing stream NE Trinidad
White-bell Antbird One at Arima reserve
Bl-faced Antthrush 1 heard in Arima reserve
Bearded Bellbird 3 males calling Asa Wright, 1 Blanchesseuse Road
Gold-head Manakin Fairly common in suitable habitat
Blue-back Manakin Lek along the Gilpin Trace
Wh-beardManakin Large lek Asa Wright, others recorded elsewhere
Pied Water-Tyrant 6 Aripo, fairly widespread in correct habitat
Wh-h Marsh-Tyrant 5 Aripo, fairly widespread in correct habitat
Fork-tailed Flycatcher 3 Aripo - very early date (cf Ffrench)
Tropical Kingbird Very Common
Gray Kingbird 1 Caroni, 1 Tobago
Sulphury Flycatcher One in palm plantation at the airbase
Piratic Flycatcher 2 Pax
Boat-bill Flycatcher Fairly common Pax
Streaked Flycatcher Very Common
Great Kiskadee Very Common
Brown-crest Flycatcher breeding in the Blue waters Hotel
Venezuelan Flycatcher 1 Gilpin Trace, birds on Little Tobago ?
Olive-side Flycatcher recorded on the Arima reserve
Tropical Pewee 1 near Asa Wright centre
Fuscous Flycatcher 1 on Tobago
Yellow-breast Flycatcher quite common on both islands
Yellow-bell Elaenia seen around Pax on first day
Small billed Elaenia 1 Waterloo beach
Forest Elaenia recorded around Pax
Scrub Flycatcher recorded twice on Trinidad 12th & 16th April
S Beardless Tyran 3 records around Pax
Ochre-bellied Flycatcher Recorded on both islands - attractive bird
Black-tailed Tityra 3 NW Trinidad
White-wing Swallow Widespread in lowland/wetlands
Caribbean Martin Common on Tobago only
Gray-breast Martin Very Common
S Rough-winged Swallow Very Common
Barn Swallow 2 sightings of cir. 25 birds Trinidad
Rufous-breast Wren 2 Asa Wright
South House Wren Very Common
Tropic Mockingbird Very Common
Yel -legged Thrush 3 sightings Gilpin Trace, heard in Northern Range
Cocoa Thrush Often heard, seen at Asa Wright under bird table
Bare-eyed Thrush Very Common
White-neck Thrush Heard Trinidad, seen Gilpin Trace
Long-bill Gnatwren Fairly widespread
Ruf-brow Pepper-shrike Heard very often - difficult to see ! Trinidad
Chivi Vireo 3 records on Tobago & Trinidad
Gold-front Greenlet 1 Pax
Scrub Greenlet 3 above Blue Waters Tobago
Shiny Cowbird Fairly common
Giant Cowbird 50 at the swamp, 1 record Tobago
Crested Oropendola Very Common
Yell -rump Cacique 40 at nesting site, 
Carib Grackle Very Common
Yellow-hood Blackbird Common on wetlands or feeders near water
Yellow Oriole Very Common
Red-breast Blackbird Very Common on lowland wet fields
Black-&-white Warbler 1 Tobago
Tropical Parula 4 recorded in Northern Range
Northern-Waterthrush Northern Range, Caroni swamps
American Redstart 1 Northern Range
Gold-crown Warbler 2 Pax
Bananaquit Very Common
Bicolored Conebill 1 nr. Manzanilla beach, 2 Caroni swamp
Purple Honeycreeper 2 on Pax feeders, manyt Asa Wright
Red-legged Honeycr 3 Northern Range, also Tobago
Green Honeycreeper commonn Asa Wright
Blue Dacnis Fairly common at higher elevations
Trinidad Euphonia 1 record Pax
Violaceous Euphonia widespread
Swallow-Tanager  4 Northern range - just returning from the msinland
Turquoise Tanager Seen at various sites
Speckled Tanager 1 record Northern Range
Bay-headed Tanager widespread at higher elevations
Blue-gray Tanager Very Common
Palm Tanager Very Common
Silver-beakTanager Common
White-lined Tanager Common
White-shouldered Tanager Fairly well distributed
Red-capped Ant-Tanager 2 records
Grayish Saltator Very Common
Streaked Saltator 1 record Pax
Red-capped Cardinal 1 Wildfowl refuge, 2 Caroni swamp
Blue-black Grassquit Very Common
Black-face Grassquit 2 Blue Waters, Tobago- 4 above the hotel
Sooty Grassquit 1 above Blue waters, Tobago
Saffron Finch 1 Aripo, 1 sewage works

169 lifers on T &T plus 1 species : Lesser Antillian Bullfinch on Barbados = 170

207 species on Trinidad & 87 on Tobago

228 species seen or heard my the majority during the holiday but additional species: Red crested Ant Tanager, Little Hermit, White tailed Nightjar (H) & Green Kingfisher seen or heard by a few members of the party meaning a grand total of 232 for the most fortunate. A good collection for only 12 days in the field.

Richard Ives
Sussex, England

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