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U.S.A.  --  Hawaii -- Oahu

March 1991

by Ellwood Meyers

I birded on Oahu in March 1991.  I took along two field guides: "The Birds of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific" by Pratt, Bruner, and Berrett.  Also "Hawaii's Birds" by Hawaii Audubon Society.  Both books proved to be indispensable.  Also get a good road map because you will have to rent a car to get to the best places.  The beach scene just wasn't for me.  Places worth birding: Diamond Head Crater is a must for Pacific Golden-Plover and White-tailed Tropicbird.  (Although I can't guarantee the tropicbird you should find the plover easily enough moving across the park lawns 'robin-style'). 

Another great place is Sacred Falls State Park near Hauula along route 83 on the northeast coast.  It was a beautiful hike through varied habitat.  Another place I recommend and is the easiest to get to from the majority of the hotel/condominium waterfront in downtown Honolulu is Kapiolani Park next to the Honolulu Zoo.  I am sure there are better places to go birding on Oahu but we were island-hopping and only spent three days on this island.  Sadly, most of the birds you will encounter are introduced species, most the the native birds as I'm sure you're well aware of are either extinct or on their way out. 

If time permits and you want a real adventure hop on over to Kauai and bird in the forests around Kokee State Park.  In a word: Incredible!  Most of the birds I encountered along the trail system leading down into the Alakai Swamp and Waimea Canyon were native birds.  I hope this helps.

Ellwood Meyers
10 Elmwood Dr.
N.Warren,PA 16365

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