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U.S.A. -- NEVADA: Las Vegas Notes

July 2001

by William Leigh

I recently did a trip to Las Vegas where I was able to combine a few days of birding with a conference I was attending.  I was really surprised by the great birding opportunities in the area.

I basically birded just three or four areas all within 30 to 60 minutes of donwtown Las Vegas.

Henderson Sewage treatment plant was really nice and held several lifers for me including Yellow Headed Blackbird and Longbilled Curlew as well as Both Western and Eared Grebes.

Red Rock Canyon another close area was good for Chuckars.  I saw lots of Chuckars probably 30+ they were something to watch as they scaled the vertical red bluffs somehow they just walk right up the cliffs ....really rather amazing.

Mount Charleston and in particular Mack's Canyon was great and probably yeilded the most birds.  Here I found Clark's Nutcracker, Western Bluebirds, Va's Warbler, Bushtits, Green-tailed Towhee, Broad-billed hummers, Mountain Chickadee, Violet Green Swallows, and more.

There is a very good guide to the area that I highly recommend Southern Nevada Birds A Seeker's Guide by Carolyn Kitchel Titus.  

William Leigh
Winchester VA