This web page, an aid to travel and vacation planning
within Annapolis County in Nova Scotia,
supports and augments the Birding Sites of Nova Scotia guidebook.
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Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Tourism & Orientation Web Sites

Map of Annapolis County
Annapolis Valley Tourism
Evangeline Trail Tourism
Annapolis Field Naturalists Society
Clean Annapolis River Project  &  Annapolis River Guardians Project
Annapolis Basin Tourism Site  +  Annapolis Basin Map
Town of Annapolis Royal   +   Town Map  (Adobe Reader required)
Town of Bridgetown
Town of Middleton   +   Town Map
Village of Bear River

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Locator Maps for Birding Sites & Routes
A) Annapolis Valley (east to west)
A1 Middleton Regional High School
A2 Bridgetown Sewage Lagoons
A3 Belleisle Marsh  (start of entrance road) & Aerial View
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
A4 Annapolis River Tidal Reservoir & Aerial View
A5 Annapolis Royal Marsh (French Basin Trail)  (trail head)
A6 Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens
A7 Annapolis Royal Sewage Lagoons
A8 Port-Royal National Historic Site (picnic site), & Victoria Beach
A9 Annapolis River South Shore (Rte 201) -- western terminus  &  eastern terminus
"The Island" loop road north of Rte 201 -- western junction  &  eastern junction

Round Hill Road to Pré Rond Marsh  --  junction with Rte 201
B) North Mountain and the Fundy Shore
B1 Valley View Provincial Park
The Fundy Shore (Margaretsville to Delap's Cove):
B2 Margaretsville
B3 Margaretsville Marsh
B4  Port George  &  Cottage Cove Provincial Park
B5 Port Lorne
B6 Hampton
B7 Phinneys Cove  &  Youngs Cove
B8 Parker's Cove  &  road junctions for shoreline access at Hillsburn & Litchfield
B9 Delap's Cove & Delap's Cove Trail
C) Interior Annapolis County
C1 Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness  (parking lot) & Aerial View
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
C2 West Dalhousie Road, including:
Western Terminus  &  Eastern Terminus
Junction of West Dalhousie Road & Thorne Road
McGill Lake, south of Albany Cross
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
C3 Kejimkujik National Park  (park entrance)
also, check the park's trails here (below)
Park Species' List (inland portion only)  (PDF file)

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Weather & Tides Web Sites
Annapolis Royal inland weather forecast
Bridgetown inland weather forecast
Kejimkujik National Park inland weather forecast
Bay of Fundy marine weather forecast
TIDE TIMES - BAY OF FUNDY (east to west)
Margaretsville tide time  &  locator map
Port George tide time  &  locator map
Parkers Cove tide time  &  locator map
Annapolis Royal & Annapolis River tide time  &  locator map

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Trails Web Sites
Valley View Provincial Park Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Delap's Cove Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
The following trails are all in Kejimkujik National Park -- Annapolis County
Mersey Meadow Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Beech Grove Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Hemlocks and Hardwoods Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Rogers Brook Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Farmlands Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Mill Falls Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
The following trails are all in Kejimkujik National Park -- Queens County
Gold Mines Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Grafton Lake & Woods Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Peter Point Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description
Snake Lake Trail -- Trail Map  &  Description

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Parks & Protected Areas Web Sites
Kejimkujik National Park  &  Locator Map (park entrance)
Valley View Provincial Park information  &  Locator Map (park entrance)
Cloud Lake Protected Area  &  Official Site
McGill Lake Wilderness Protected Area
Tobeatic Wilderness Protected Area
Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Cultural Heritage Attraction Web Sites
In Town of Annapolis Royal
Fort Anne National Historic Site
Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens
Sinclair Inn National Historic Site
O'Dell House Museum
Kings Theatre
Farmer's and Trader's Market,
corner of St. George Street and Drury (Locator Map),

Saturday mornings (May - Oct) and Wednesday afternoons (Jul - Aug)
In Bridgetown
James House Museum
Tupperville School Museum
Historic Cypress Walk  & info
Elsewhere in Annapolis County
Port-Royal National Historic Site  &  Locator Map
North Hills Museum  (Community of Granville Ferry)
Bear River Heritage Museum (community of Bear River)
Cornwallis Military Museum  (community of Cornwallis)
Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum (town of Middleton)

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Lighthouse Web Sites
Port George Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Margaretsville Lighthouse informationlocator map
Annapolis Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Hampton Lighthouse information  &   locator map
Schafner's Point Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Digby Gut Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Victoria Beach Lighthouse information  &  locator map

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Author's Recommendations
Newman's Restaurant and Garrison House Restaurant, both in Annapolis Royal


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