This web page, an aid to travel and vacation planning
within Digby County in Nova Scotia,
supports and augments the
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia guidebook.

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Digby County, Nova Scotia
Tourism & Orientation Web Sites

Map of Digby County
Southwest Nova Scotia Tourism
Evangeline Trail  (Scenic Drive)
Town of Digby
Ferry Information  --  between Digby and Saint John, N.B.
Brier Island and Westport Village
Brier Island Bird Checklist
Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours  (Brier Island)
Ocean Explorations "Zodiac" Whale Expeditions  (Tiverton, Long Island)
Village of Freeport, Long Island
Village of Pointe d'Église (Church Point)
Village of Weymouth
Village of Bear River
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Locator Maps for Birding Sites & Routes
A) Digby Neck and Islands (east to west)
A1  West shore Annapolis Basin route --  starting at the "Government" Wharf
A2 Digby NS / Saint John, NB ferry --  ferry terminal
A3 Marsh Road (Head of St. Mary's Bay)
southern terminus (Hwy 101)  &  northern terminus (Rte 217)  & Aerial View
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
A4 The Digby Neck, including:
Junction for road to Gulliver's Cove
The "Sea-wall" at Haight Brook
Centreville, and junction for road to Trout Cove
Lake Midway Provincial Park  &  Aerial View
Sandy Cove - main village junction
Little River, and junction for road to Little River Cove
Tiddville Marsh overlook
Junction for road to Whale Cove
East Ferry
A5 Long Island, including:
Aerial view of Long Island
Boar's Head Lighthouse
Bear Cove Road junction
Balancing Rock trail head  & 
Trail Map & Description
Long Island Lakes viewpoint
Junction for road to Flour Cove
Entrance to Central Grove Provincial Park  & 
Trail Map & Description
Junction for track to Freeport Picnic area
Junction for road to Beautiful Cove
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
A6 Brier Island, including:
Brier Island Bird Checklist
Aerial view of Brier Island
Northern Point
Junction of Wellington Rd, Pea Jack Rd, and Western Light Rd
Junction of Gull Rock Road
Lighthouse Hill ("Hawk Ridge")
Western Light
Big Pond
B) The French Shore (east shore St. Mary's Bay)
B1 Savary Provincial Park
B2 Gilbert's Cove
B3 Weymouth Harbour (from Lighthouse Beach)  &  Aerial View
B4 Belliveau's Cove
B5 Pointe à Major and Marais des Grosses Coques (Doucette Road junction)
Aerial View
B6 Church Point (Pointe d'Église), including:
Ticken Cove wharf
Church Point
Lac à Isaïe overlook
B7 Meteghan River and Meteghan wharf
B8 Smuggler's Cove Provincial Park
B9 Mavillette Beach Provincial Park (southern entrance road)
Aerial View
B10 Bartlett's Beach (access road junction)  &  Bartlett's River Pond viewpoint
C) Interior Digby County
C1 Rte 340 Digby County
Northern Terminus  &  Southern Terminus
C2 Wentworth Lake Pocket Wilderness
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Weather & Tides Web Sites
Digby inland weather forecast
Brier Island weather forecast
Bay of Fundy marine weather forecast  (Digby Basin)
Grand Manan marine weather forecast  (Digby Neck & St. Mary's Bay)
TIDE TIMES - BAY OF FUNDY (northeast to southwest)
Digby tide time  &  locator map
Broad Cove tide time  &  locator map 
(note: mis-named Deep Cove on tide site)
Centreville tide time  &  locator map  (Digby Neck)
Sandy Cove tide time  &  locator map  (Digby Neck)
Tiverton tide time  &  locator map  (Long Island)
Westport tide time  &  locator map  (Brier Island)
 Weymouth tide time  &  locator map
Church Point (Pointe d'Église) tide time  &  locator map
Meteghan tide time  &  locator map
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Trails Web Sites
Acacia Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map, &  Description
Central Grove Provincial Park Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map & Description
Balancing Rock Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map, & Description
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Parks & Protected Areas Web Sites
Kejimkujik National Park  &  Locator Map (park entrance)
Note: discussed in Annapolis County chapter
Brier Island & Offshore Waters Important Bird Area
Tobeatic Wilderness Protected Area
Sporting Lake Nature Preserve
Shelburne River - National Heritage River  &  Official Site
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Cultural Heritage Attraction Web Sites
Bear River Heritage Museum (community of Bear River)
Old Temperance Hall Museum  (community of Smith's Cove)
Musée Ste-Marie (St. Mary’s Church & Museum) (community of Church Point)
Admiral Digby Museum (Digby)
Maud Lewis - Nova Scotia's Famous Folk Artist
Claire Acadian Festival (Festival Acadien de Clare)
Digby Scallop Days Festival
 "Musique de la Baie" Acadian Kitchen Parties
"Sailing Alone Around the World" by Joshua Slocum -- On-line Book
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Lighthouse Web Sites
Annapolis Basin, Fundy Shore, & Digby Neck and Islands
Bear River Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Point Prim Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Boar's Head (Tiverton) Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Grand Passage Lighthouse (a.k.a. Northern Light) information  &   locator map
Peter Island Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Brier Island (a.k.a. Western Light) Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Eastern Shore, St. Mary's Bay (north to south)
Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse informationlocator map
Belliveau Cove Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Church Point Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Cape St. Mary's Lighthouse information  &  locator map
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Author's Recommendations
Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours  (Brier Island)
Ocean Explorations "Zodiac" Whale Expeditions  (Tiverton, Long Island)
Lavena's Catch Café  (902-839-2517) -- "No Deep-Fried Foods"
By the Freeport Ferry on Long Island
Recipes using Digby Scallops
Recipe for Le Pâté à la Râpure / Rappie Pie

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