This web page, an aid to travel and vacation planning
within Hants County in Nova Scotia,
supports and augments the
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia guidebook.

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Hants County, Nova Scotia
Tourism & Orientation Web Sites

Map of Hants County  &  Map showing Birding Sites & Routes
Central Nova Tourism Region
(Cumberland, Colchester, & Hants Counties)
Town of Windsor Official Site
Evangeline Trail  (Scenic Drive)
Glooscap Trail (Scenic Drive)
Bay of Fundy Eco-Tour - Truro to Windsor section

Hants County, Nova Scotia
Locator Maps for Birding Sites & Routes
A) Bay of Fundy shore drive (Rte 215), east to west, including:
Exit 10 of Hwy 102, junction with Route 215
Junction of Route 215 and woods road west of Urbania
Junction of Route 215 and Route 289 (South Maitland)
Maitland  &  Aerial View of mouth of Shubenacadie River
Anthony Provincial Park (near Lower Selma)
Junction of Route 215 & Point Road, leading to Noel Head (in Densmores Mills)
Aerial View of Noel Head
east junction of Route 215 & Burntcoat Road (in Noel)
west junction of Route 215 & Burntcoat Road (in Minasville)
Aerial View of Burntcoat Head
Mouth of the Tennycape River
Mouth of the Walton River
Junction of Route 215 & road to Cambridge Cove
Junction of Route 215 & road to Mutton Cove  (incorrectly labelled Lantz Road on Mapquest)
Junction of Route 215 & Lantz Road (to Johnson Cove)
Junction of Route 215 & Shipyard Road
Causeway Beach in Cheverie
Junction of Route 215 and road to Kipps Beach
Aerial View of Fundy coast from Mutton Cove south to Kipps Beach
Route 215 - bridge over Kennetcook River
Aerial View of Kennetcook River Valley
B)  Herbert River trail, including:
western trailhead, on Route 215 between Brooklyn and Kennetcook River
eastern trailhead, on Scotch Village Station Road
Aerial View of Herbert River
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
C)  Smiley’s Provincial Park, including:
Junction of Route 215 and McKay Road (to McKay Section)
Junction of McKay Road and road to park
Junction of Hwy 14 and road to park & McKay Section
Park Entrance
Trail Map  &  Description
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
D) Uniacke Estate Museum Park entrance  &  Aerial close-up of entry area
Trails MapDescriptions & Detailed Info
Provisional Site Species' List  (PDF file)
E) Pockwock Watershed, including:
gate at entrance road into the watershed, off Exit 3 of Hwy 101
Aerial View of the road into the watershed
F) Windsor Causeway (viewpoint behind Info Centre)  &  Aerial View of causeway
G) Windsor Sewage Lagoons - entrance gate
H) Avon River Valley (Rte #14), including:
Windsor Forks (on Hwy 14)
Sainte Famille Winery
Junction of Hwy 14 and hydro road to Falls Lake
Falls River Provincial Park  &  Aerial View
Hants County, Nova Scotia
Weather & Tides Web Sites
Windsor inland weather forecast
Truro (just east of Hants) inland weather forecast
Bay of Fundy marine weather forecast
TIDE TIMES - BAY OF FUNDY (east to west)
Walton  &  locator map
 Burntcoat Head  &  locator map
Windsor Causeway  &  locator map
Hantsport  &  locator map
Tidal Bore Predictions -- South Maitland, Shubenacadie River, East Hants
Hants County, Nova Scotia
Trails Web Sites
Smiley's Provincial Park -- Locator Map, Trail Map  &  Description
 Uniacke Estate Park -- Locator Map, Trails MapDescriptions & Detailed Info
Hants County, Nova Scotia
Parks & Protected Areas Web Sites
Southern Bight of Minas Basin "Important Bird Area"  &  Ramsar Site
Uniacke Estate Museum Park (Mount Uniacke)
Smiley's Provincial Park
Panuke Lake Nature Reserve
Hants County, Nova Scotia
Cultural Heritage Attraction Web Sites
Fort Edward National Historic Site  (Windsor)
Haliburton House Museum  (Windsor)
Sam Slick  &  Sam Slick Days Festival  (Windsor)
Shand House Museum  (Windsor)
Mermaid Theatre  (Windsor)
Lawrence House Museum  (Maitland)
Maitland Historic Village  (Maitland)
Kempt Shore Bluegrass Festival  (Kempt Shore)
Hants County, Nova Scotia
Lighthouse Web Sites
Bay of Fundy (east to west)
Walton Lighthouse  &  locator map
Burntcoat Head Lighthouse Replica  &  locator map
Mitchener Point Lighthouse  &  locator map
Hants County, Nova Scotia
Author's Recommendations
Sainte Famille Winery  &  locator map (Falmouth)
Avon Emporium and Shipwright Inn (Summerville)
Shubenacadie River Runners  (Shubenacadie)

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