This web page, an aid to travel and vacation planning
within Richmond County in Nova Scotia,
supports and augments the
Birding Sites of Nova Scotia guidebook.

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Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Tourism & Orientation Web Sites

Map of Richmond County  &  Map showing Birding Sites
Richmond County Tourism
Cape Breton Island Tourism
Isle Madame Page
Fleur-de-lis Scenic Drive
Bras d'Or Lakes Scenic Drive
Town of Port Hawkesbury
Map of Isle Madame
Chapel Island First Nation

Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Locator Maps for Birding Sites & Routes
A) Mainland Richmond County (west to east)
A1  West Bay Road, including:
West terminus, in Cleveland
Dundee estuary  &  Aerial View
Start of Pringle Mountain Trail  &  Trail Map  &  Description
Junction of West Bay Road & road to Cape George
Junction of West Bay Road & road to shore of St. Peters Inlet
A2 Little River Reservoir -- Trailhead  &  Aerial View
A3  River Bourgeois, including:
Junction of Hwy 4 & Grand Gully Road
Grand Gully (Grand Goulet)
Church Point
Junction of Grand Gully Road & North Side Road
Junction of North Side Road & Hwy 4
Junction of Hwy 4 & South Side Road
Junction of South Side Road & Richards Pond Road
Cordeau Point
Aerial View of River Bourgeois
A4 St. Peter’s Rail-Trail & Battery Provincial Park  &  Trail Map  &  Description
A5 Beauvais Lake Trail  &  Trail Map  &  Description
A6 Point Michaud Provincial Park -- Entrance  &  Aerial View
Provisional Point Michaud Species' List  (PDF file)
A7  Eastern Richmond County & Loch Lomond, including:
Junction of Rte 247 & St. Peters Fourchu Road
Duncans Lake
Junction of St. Peters Fourchu Road & Loch Lomond Road
Head of Loch Lomond  &  Aerial View of Loch Lomond
Junction of Loch Lomond Road & Stirling Road
Middle River - Framboise Wilderness Area
Junction of Stirling Road & St. Peters Fourchu Road
Junction of St. Peters Fourchu Road & Crooked Lake Road (leading to Red Cape)
Fullers River bridge  &  Aerial View
Junction of St. Peters Fourchu Road & Fourchu Road (to Fourchu Head)
Fourchu Head  &  Aerial View
A8 Irish Cove Provincial Park
B) Isle Madame
Provisional Isle Madame Species' List  (PDF file)
B1 Lennox Passage Provincial Park
B2  Lennox Ferry Road / Lochside Road, including:
Junction of Rte 320 & Lennox Ferry Road
Junction of Lennox Ferry Road & Lochside Road
Junction of Lennox Ferry Road & Rte 206
Junction of Lochside Road & Rte 320
B3 “Doyle’s Road” Trail
B4  Cap La Ronde, including:
Cape La Ronde & Latimers Pond
Maughers Pond (ignore Mapquest "Atlantic Ocean" designation)
Petit Nez (Little Nose)
Aerial View of Cap La Ronde
B5 Pondville Beach Provincial Park
B6 Petit-de-Grat Island  &  Aerial View
B7 Cape Auguet, including:
Junction of Lower Road & Cape Auguet Road
Marache Point
Junction of Cape Auguet Road & road to Presqu'ile Cove
 Presqu'ile Cove
Cape Auguet
Aerial View of Cape Auguet
B8 Crichton Island, including:
Junction of Rte 206 & road to Crichton Island
Aerial View of Crichton Island
B9  Janvrin Island, including:
Junction of Rte 206 & Port Royal Road
St. Marys Harbour
Mussel Island
Delorier Island  &  Aerial View
Janvrin Island  &  Aerial View
Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Weather & Tides Web Sites
Town of Port Hawkesbury inland weather forecast
Village of St. Peter's inland weather forecast
Fourchu Head inland weather forecast
Fourchu marine weather forecast
Fourchu tide time  &  locator map
 St. Peters Bay tide time  &  locator map 
Port Hawkesbury tide time  &  locator map 
Arichat tide times  &  locator map
 Petit-de-Grat tide times  &  locator map
Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Trails Web Sites
Beauvais Lake Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map  &  Description
 Pringle Mountain Trail -- Locator MapTrail Map & Description
 St. Peter's Rail-trail -- Locator MapTrail Map & Description
Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Parks & Protected Areas Web Sites
Battery Provincial Park
Middle River-Framboise Wilderness Area
Basque Islands & Point Michaud Important Bird Area
"Rocks off Fourchu Head" Important Bird Area
Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Cultural Heritage Attraction Web Sites
St. Peter's Canal National Historic Site  &  (secondary site)  (village of St. Peter's)
Nicolas Denys Museum  (village of St. Peter's)
MacAskill House Musuem (village of St. Peter's)
Celtic Colours International Festival  (October, island-wide)
LeNoir Forge Museum  (Arichat, Isle Madame)
"La Picasse" Acadian Cultural Community Centre (Isle-Madame) (en français)
Point Tupper Heritage Association Museum  (Point Tupper) 
Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Lighthouse Web Sites
Bras d'Or Lake (north to south)
 Cape George (Bras d'Or Lake) Lighthouse  &  locator map
 Gregory Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Mainland Cape Breton (east to west)
Fourchu Head Lighthouse  &  locator map
Jerome Point Lighthouse  &  locator map
River Bourgeois (Inlet) Lighthouse  &  locator map
Isle Madame (north to south)
Grandique Point Lighthouse  &  locator map
Jerseyman Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
 Marache Point Lighthouse  &  locator map
 Green Island Lighthouse  &  locator map
Richmond County, Nova Scotia
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